Fall Fest Good Samaritan Returns Lost Wallet Containing Close to $1K

A woman who refused to identify herself returned a purple Coach wallet she found Saturday morning after it had been inadvertently left in a portable toilet on Kansas Street.

Rain dampened most of the Frankfort Fall Festival's official opening day, but the actions of an unknown Good Samaritan provided a bright spot for a very thankful festival visitor.

A woman who didn't wish to be identified returned a lost wallet that had close to $1,000 in cash during Fall Fest on Saturday, Sept. 1, event officials said.


At around 11:10 a.m., a woman in her 30s reported leaving behind her purple Coach wallet in a portable toilet on Kansas Street, near the beer tent and food court, said festival communications co-chair Bette Bulmer, who took the report at the .

Bulmer said she asked the woman, who was visibly upset, how much money was in the pocketbook.

"I asked if it was like a hundred in cash," Bulmer said. "The girl said it was more like a thousand."

Shortly after the woman left the chamber offices, which serves as the event's communication center during Fall Fest, volunteer Sue Wolf radioed Bulmer from the information booth on Kansas Street, informing her that a woman had turned in a purple Coach wallet.


When asked, the woman, who appeared to be in her 50s, refused to give her name, saying she didn't want any recognition for her good deed, Wolf said.

"I told her that [the woman who lost the wallet] will want to thank you," Wolf added.

With the pocketbook in hand, Bulmer called the woman, who was just getting into her car, ready to leave the festival. The woman returned to the chamber offices and checked the wallet's contents. Bulmer asked if all the money was there, and the woman, on the verge of tears, said nothing appeared to be missing.


"She was just shaky," Bulmer said. "She couldn't believe it was returned. … She was so glad to get that back. That looked like that was all the money she had."

The experience left Bulmer and other festival volunteers and organizers feeling good about the type of visitors the event attracts.

"I had goosebumps," Bulmer said about the incident. "I can't believe that it was turned in."

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Tracey lazzo September 02, 2012 at 12:40 PM
There ARE still decent people in the world. This story truly warmed my heart.
Tomi Petersen September 02, 2012 at 12:56 PM
So glad to hear that there are still good people out there. What goes around, comes around. I'm sure the woman who returned the wallet, will have good things happen to her.
Oscar September 02, 2012 at 03:52 PM
The woman who returned the wallet probably works for local school district.and she knows she can possible need more cash.
Sue A. Wolf September 02, 2012 at 04:32 PM
Sue Wolf I was in the information booth when the lady frantically asked if a wallet had been turned in. I felt so bad for her and immediately prayed there is nothing lost with God. It gives me goose bumps as I write this. When that lady came up to me and said I found a wallet, I was overjoyed. I still have faith in people. I thank God every day for the blessings he does everyday.
KMK September 02, 2012 at 04:36 PM
that's awesome! we need to hear more good stories like this one :)


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