February's Four Most-Popular Articles: A Leap Day Look Back

On this extra day of February, a look back at some of the Mokena Patch stories that made the shortest month of the year one of the feistiest ones.

Counting down to the No. 1 most-popular Mokena Patch story of the month, here are the stories that got residents' attention in February 2012.

The fourth-most popular story of the month was one of the most heartwarming.

conspired with first-grader Hannah Bick's parents the Friday before father Robert Bick was due to deploy overseas with the army.

While her father, in full uniform, surprised Hannah with an impromptu talk to her class, the rest of the school's nearly 800 students moved into position outside for a tribute you'll have to see to believe.

Never underestimate the power of having "cheese thievery" in a headline.

The No. 2 spot goes to the latest development in the saga of Michael Angel, a former teacher repeatedly charged with trespassing on D210 property since his car was allegedly spotted at .

The most recent charge alleges that Angel went onto L-Way East property in January to coach a traveling youth baseball team.

The top story of February was about hot tempers over youth football in Mokena. After an incident the park district president said left him feeling physically threatened, a look at how anger over Mokena's newest youth football league could be hurting the kids.

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