Give Metra a Piece of Your Mind

Metra will host a public meeting to represent South Suburban Cook County at the Homewood Village Hall on July 19. Bring your thoughts and gripes.

For commuters with complaints about the Southland Metra stations, the day of reckoning is near.

Are you a Mokena rider tired of foibles you may experience after hoppin' aboard in ? The time has come to let your voice be heard.

Metra will lend an ear to the public Thursday, July 19, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., during a strategic plan open house meeting at .

Specifically, the meeting will address the following questions:

  • What should Metra's mission be?
  • What should Metra's vision for the future be?
  • What projects should Metra focus its energies and resources on?

Those who would like to participate, but don't wish to attend the meeting are invited to fill out a survey on Metra's website.


What do you have to say to Metra? Tell us in the comments.

townie July 18, 2012 at 04:54 PM
Metra is concerned about it's future? The same group who let it's CEO steal for years until he offed himself in front of a train? "Former Metra Executive Director Phil Pagano spent big bucks on the corporate Amex card, according to 2004 and 2005 records obtained by the Daily Herald. Expenses included $1,750 for airline club memberships and $1,200 in equipment from a golf store." Metra's idea of being proactive on a holiday means they add an etra train 5 minutes before the regular train leaves, even though no train leaves for 1 1/2 hours prior. Metra's idea of improvement means putting in uncomfortable seating that flips in place of the comfortable ancient fixed seats they had. Electric line is the worst- bought trains from Japan with seats sized for Japanese people. Metra only took 20 years to add Comiskey stop. Station is minimal, yet still manages to cost $12 Million. The entire ballpark cost $110 million. Metra's idea of servicing customers is a snarly station master with scant hours, leaving commuters to sit in their cars. How long did it take to build the ugliest of all the Metra stations in Mokena? Ever seen Tinley Park's station? So beautiful that they just filmed a movie there. Metra executives could give a toot about it's customers.
townie July 18, 2012 at 04:57 PM
Former Metra Chief Phil Pagano committed suicide a year ago May 7. We'll admit we found Pagano's story like peeling back layers of an onion, and the revelation that Pagano took $475,000 in vacation pay was just the beginning. Later it was discovered that Pagano's financials weren't square because he was supporting multiple homes. Then there was the fight for his pension, which his widow eventually won. The Daily Herald looked at how much Pagano's actions have cost Metra - an astounding $3 million and counting. Metra's board of directors hired consultants who, probably realizing they had an open faucet with Metra, hired consultants themselves, to the tune of $2 million. Daily Herald reporter Marni Pyke lists other costs resulting from the Pagano investigation. $89,375 to attorney James Sotos’ firm, hired by Metra last spring to investigate the allegations against Pagano. $47,098 was spent by the Regional Transportation Authority in 2010 to audit Metra regarding pension fund misuse. $896,885 paid to security consultants Hillard Heintze as of mid-April. Metra hired the firm to act as its inspector general and report on fraud or waste. $1.16 million to the law firm of Johnston Greene legal advice. Johnston Greene, in turn, hired Blackman Kallick, an accounting firm, and Protek, a computer firm, as consultants. A $90,000 fine from the Federal Transit Admin levied against Metra last month for failing to submit proper documentation
townie July 18, 2012 at 04:59 PM
Metra board: "We were stealing so much money that we paid a firm nearly $900,000 to make sure we stopped stealing the money." Does anybody else find this farce ludicrous?
townie July 18, 2012 at 05:01 PM
...not to mention the crappy gravel/mud lot Therafin owns.


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