New Power Supply Enrollment Underway In Mokena

If you want in—or out—on the Village's electrical aggregation program, there's still time.

Enrollment has begun with the Village of Mokena's new power supplier, Homefield Energy.

Residents who haven't signed up for an alternate power supplier already will be receiving a letter from the Village soon. Those enrolled in the electrical aggregation program will see a change in their electric supplier—and an increase in their rate. 

Trustees recently decided to switch from Integrys to Homefield Energy—with a new rate of $0.07031/kWh for their power supply. 

ComEd’s price at that time is projected to be in the range of $0.075/kWh (perhaps higher)—an estimated savings for the average Mokena household in the range of $50 annually, or $150 over the term of the three-year contract, officials said.

Those who wish to be automatically be enrolled in the program and begin receiving their power supply from Homefield need not do anything in response to the letter. The change in supplier and rate will be reflected in their July bills, according to a notice on the Village website

Those who wish to opt-out of the aggregation program and stay with (or be moved to) ComEd for their power supply must respond to Homefield by May 16 indicating the desire to swtich to ComEd.

Those who have already enrolled with an alternate supplier won’t receive the previously mentioned letter. But if some wish to join the Village’s aggregation program and switch their power supply to Homefield, residents can still do so by calling Homefield toll-free at (866) 694-1262 after June 1. 

Residents are encouraged to check their existing agreement with a current supplier first, as an early termination fee may apply).

Have questions regarding the enrollment and/or opt-out process? Contact Kirk Zoellner at 708-479-3900.

John P. Miner May 05, 2014 at 11:32 PM
Being an energy broker in Mokena this 3 year agreement is a tough pill to swallow. Gasoline prices on the day of this deal was put in front of the board and approved we were at $4.00 a gallon. Today gasoline can be bought at $3.73 a gallon. Energy prices will be moving the same way.


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