Park District's Website Overhauled

The Mokena Community Park District's website received a total revamp this week, with a brand new layout, links to every event and online registration now available.

The 's website looks a little bit different following a total facelift this week.

The website, which now features photos, a full events calendar and more went live late this week. Gone is the old, mainly white page with a simple links bar in the middle, and in its place sits a highly interactive site full of information about all activities, classes, parks and more.

On the homepage sits a scrolling photo box with pictures from around Mokena parks and facilities, next to an interactive upcoming events box which has fully click-able links to specific events pages. Along the top of the site sits the main navigation bar, which will allow residents to peruse several areas of the park district, including the ability to check out which programs are being offered, in along with the ability to register for programs, classes and events online.

The bottom of the new homepage features a digital brochure of the district's summer offerings and an interactive map of all the parks located in Mokena.

For an up close look at the Mokena Community Park District's new website, click here.

John Andersen July 14, 2012 at 02:50 AM
Much better- I like the colors. So, in these economically difficult times, was a local business awarded the contract and exactly how much do these new colors cost us strapped taxpayers ?
Sarah August 21, 2012 at 01:51 PM
Why is the Oaks membership so expensive? They are priced right up there with Life Fitness which has Indoor/Outdoor pools and much more.


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