Fiancée Couture's Vow to Brides: We're a Unique Wedding Shop (Video)

Owner Maria Isabel strives to be a one-stop store for customers by stocking items they can't find at other bridal shops. Take a look at what the Frankfort business has to offer.

Downtown Frankfort has a wedding photographer, cakes, designers and small boutiques. With all of these businesses already in place—one might be wary of trying to open up a similar shop. But when Maria Isabel brought to Frankfort in February, she saw the location differently.

"I think this is a nice complement to the town," Isabel said. "The bride can one-stop shop for everything."

Doing It All By Herself: Maria Isabel has been a wedding photographer for the past 10 years. Because she knew designers from her native Columbia as well as Venezuela where she grew up, Isabel decided to give selling wedding gowns a try. "I wanted to bring a little bit of my culture here," she said.

While she has the support of her friends in the wedding industry, Isabel runs the ins and outs of Fiancée Couture all by herself.

What Makes Fiancée Couture Special? The main goal for the shop is to be "unique and authentic" when it comes to the products that other wedding gown stores are selling. "What you find in here, nobody else has," Isabel said. "We make the dresses by the measure, not by size. It’s like a costume. Each dress is going to be made exactly for the body of the bride."

Connecting with Customers via Social Media: Isabel uses Facebook to give updates to brides on when their dresses get shipped into the store and to advertise for Fiancée Couture's variety of products.

"We have something different going on here all of the time," Isabel said. "Not only about the dresses, but evening gowns, flower girls, flower baskets, custom pillows, jewelry."

A blog and Twitter account are in the works, too.

Future Plans: Fiancée Couture wants to eventually be a bride's only destination for everything she needs on her "perfect" day. "I would like for the bride to arrive here and have the main things she is going to need—wedding cakes, flowers—everything they would need in one location," Isabel said.


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