What Should Go Here? Big Blue Warehouse by the Tracks

The warehouse that used to house the Therafin Corporation, 19747 Wolf Road, currently is empty and up for sale. Patch wants to know: what should go there?

What was once the home of the Therafin Corporation, now sits as a vacant warehouse in the heart of Mokena, the faded blue paint of the building a reminder to residents that the once thriving business it housed is now gone.

Therafin Corporation, which makes custom seat cushions, moved to Frankfort, at 9450 W. Laraway Road.

Located just across the train tracks from Front Street at 19747 Wolf Road, the building is for sale by Olivieri Real Estate LLC, which touts the building as TIF eligible. The signs outside the building also show that the building can be purchased as a redevelopment property.

Anyone interested in purchasing the building can contact Nancy Putman at (708) 497-5192.

Patch wants to know: What do you think should go here?

Don Labriola April 29, 2012 at 02:25 PM
Main Street? Perhaps you are referring to Front Street.
Hop Head April 29, 2012 at 03:44 PM
Three Floyd's a few blocks from my home? That'd be a bad idea. Baaaaad idea. Zombie Dust. Arctic Panzer Wolf. Hmmmmm.... In all honesty, they've just done quite a bit of work to their brew pub, and I doubt they'd be looking to move anytime soon. Certainly not to Illinois. Maybe another craft brew operation would be interested though. Didn't one just close down in Plainfield?
William Caldwell April 29, 2012 at 08:19 PM
Fifty years ago the Blue Building was Welsch Lumber and Supply. Built by Walter Welsch and later taken over by his son Bill. It was built more like a shed to keep lumber out of the elements. Not sure that most of the building is suitable for much. Bill
Chandra Collinsworth April 29, 2012 at 08:23 PM
It's an eyesore. Get rid of it while you can. Raze it and put in parking for the people earning the big checks paying the big taxes for the big schools. Here is a bizarre idea- offer FREE parking for public transportation riders. Encourage riding Metra. Be a forward-thinking community. Be a place where others WANT to move to. I realize it's tough for a municipality to give up the revenue from any source once it's done. Seriously, how many taxes or tolls ever stop being charged. Oh, yeah. I forgot for a second we are talking about Mokena. Or as I like to call it- Little Chicago.
Karen Schultz May 01, 2012 at 02:48 AM
Tear it down and recycle the building materials. If a retail space is added such as those recently built on Front Street with living space above it. I believe Front Street should be totally redesigned to reflect a space such as Birkdale. Look at this website http://www.ddr.com/listings/default.aspx?pn=A30477 site plan for this green approach to community living. Birkdale Village is owned by Developers Diversified Realty, which currently owns and manages over 710 retail operating and development properties in 45 states, plus Puerto Rico, Brazil and Canada, totaling approximately 157 million square feet. Developers Diversified Realty Corporation is a self-administered and self-managed REIT operating as a fully integrated real estate company which acquires, develops, leases and manages shopping centers. Additional information about Developers Diversified is available on the Internet at www.ddr.com. It is a great attraction for an area with high end shopping, great mix of dining, movies and upscale living spaces. The big plus is the railroad service availability within walking distance. A great combination!


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