Spotlight Theater Announces Auditions for World Premeire Play "Still" by Award-Winning Playwright Graham Farrow

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 22032 Howell Dr New Lenox IL 60451  See map

Spotlight Theater is excited to announce auditions for a World Premiere play, "Still" a drama by award-winning British playwright Graham Farrow, author of "Rattlesnakes" (currently in development as a film for Piper Films of London), and "Talk About the Passion", as well as the novel "Speak No Evil", nominated for the Commonwealth Writer’s Prize. Set in a pub in the north of England, this intriguing tale involves a group of four friends…and Buddha. Davie Morrisson, waiting out the birth of his first child by his current girlfriend, decides to spend the time at his friend Neil’s pub. As he waits, Davie becomes intrigued by a statue of Buddha left on the counter. Neil has no idea who it belongs to and the idol sparks a bit of debate between the two about society and religious tolerance. As the night wears on, one after the other, Neil and Davie’s friends Stuie and Tommy arrive, and with each arrival the debate begins anew, but soon, the heated conversation turns to other topics and this close-knit group of friends finds their friendship tested by the revelation of secrets well-hidden until this night. All the while the statue of Buddha makes its presence felt, as the men wonder: is it a good luck charm, bringing them closer together, or a malevolent presence driving them apart.

4 men are sought (age range: 26-49). (Actors of any race and ethnicity are encouraged to apply. More detailed character information below). Experience with English accents, especially Northern English accents (Teesside specifically) is a plus. Rehearsals (3 per week) and performances are at the troupe’s theater in New Lenox, IL. Rehearsal schedule to be announced after auditions. The performance dates are January 18th–20th & 25th–27th (with the possibility of an extension). The show will be directed by Jeff Gamlin. Actors will be paid a stipend. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. No prepared monologues required. Auditions will be held by appointment on Monday, November 26th and Tuesday, November 27th from 6:30 P.M.-10:00 P.M. at Spotlight Studio, 22032 Howell Drive, New Lenox, IL 60451. For inquiries or to schedule an audition appointment, contact the troupe at info@spotlight-theater.com or by calling 708-941-8294. Walk-ins will be taken as time permits. If you are unable to audition on Monday or Tuesday night, you may contact the troupe at the above e-mail or phone number to schedule an appointment outside of these times.

Character Descriptions: Each of these men has something to hide… 

Davie Morrisson: (character age range: 26-31) Articulate, intelligent, perceptive, but angry at the cards life has dealt him. Bit of an “angry young man,” Enjoys cutting through people’s bull. Unemployed and awaiting the birth of his first child by his current girlfriend at a pub rather than the hospital, but not because he doesn’t care as some might suppose. Can be a rather crude, crass and unpleasant agitator when drunk. His bravado covers hidden sensitivity and pain. Fascinated by a religious artifact which turns up at the pub, he opens a can of worms which will have serious consequences as the evening progresses. 

Neil Irwin: (character age range: 38-45) The dutiful and honest landlord of a pub that’s struggling for business. The peacemaker when things get heated; doesn’t feel arguing is worth his time. Live and let live as long as you’re not hurting anyone is his motto. Trapped by his circumstances and unloved by his wife who wants more than he can provide financially, he tries to hold his group of friends together. 

Stuie Warner: (character age range: 34-38) A Londoner living and working on Teesside. A cockney lad who lives by his wits. Alone and disorientated, looking for a place to fit in, he calls the pub his home. Executive position, but is he happy? His Nigerian wife won’t join him up North because of concerns about racism in the area, and he seems to deal with this, but it does bother him. 

Tommy Norton: (character age range: 44-53) The Walter Mitty of the group. Kind-hearted, but insecure and very concerned about others’ opinions of him. He yearns for his glorious past and worries about a future which has no place for him. Somewhat ineffectual in an argument. His evasion of the truth leaves him desperate and defeated.

About the Author… Graham Farrow is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, novelist and journalist from Yarm-on-Tees, Yorkshire, England. His first novel, "Speak no Evil", received a Commonwealth Writers Prize nomination in 1989 and he has received numerous awards and commendations for his short stories. His first play, "Hair of the Dog" premiered in 1990 and was revived in London to great acclaim eight years later. Other works by Farrow include, "Down Amongst the Dead Men" (London, 1993), "The Boys are Back in Town" (Salisbury, 1994), "Lake of Fire" (Lansing, Michigan, 2005), "Pure Morning" (Indianapolis, 2009), and "Stay With Me Till Dawn" which received its World Premiere in London in 2010 and received its American Premiere as a reading by Mildred's Umbrella Theatre Company, Houston, Texas in January 2011. His two best-known and most often produced plays, "Talk About the Passion" and "Rattlesnakes" are both published by Methuen and are critically acclaimed multi-award winners, the latter receiving a sold-out production in Gdansk, Poland in March 2011. "Rattlesnakes" is in development as a motion picture with Piper Films of London. "Talk About the Passion" has been translated into French for a Paris premiere in 2013. Farrow, who The Daily Telegraph (London) recently called “A Mamet for the 21st Century” has just completed a screenplay for Bigger Pictures Film Company, London.


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