Feedback Friday: Election Edition (And a Brave Little Girl)

This week's look back on the top Mokena Patch comments focuses on Tuesday's election and on a 9-year-old Mokena girl going bald for cancer research.

Hi, folks. It's been one interesting week in Mokena, with and .

But the biggest news of the week came from Tuesday's primary election, which saw some hot contests and got a lot of folks talking.

Before we get to those comments, here are the comments from my favorite story of the week. fourth-grader Lauren Peterson, 9, is at a St. Baldrick's Day event at tonight.

Her original goal was to raise $1,000. When she hit that, she went for $2,000, which she met this week.

Donate to Lauren Peterson's St. Baldrick's Day fundraising efforts.

Here's what folks were saying about Lauren:

Way to go Lauren!!!! I cannot wait to see all the other amazing things you will do as you get older. So proud to know you sweetie. <3

Coach Kelly is so proud of Lauren!!! I will be there to CHEER for her!!!!

But onto the election.

John P. Miner was one of the .

Well, I live 5 blocks away from my polling place. I would walk there to the pipefitters local 597 and vote. Found out today my polling place is still there but it is not my polling place now! I was moved out to Orland Park a few miles away. How did this save money? Went from a consolidated Frankfort polling place for years previous to now being a single voting place. WHHHAAAAATTTTT????

Our story about GOP hopefulls bypassing the Southland got area resident Sue Bertram reminiscing about 1988, when future President George H. W. Bush visited the area with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I was in Three Brothers when a team of very serious looking guys came in, locked the doors and told us all we would be staying there for several hours. Nobody in and nobody out and no phone calls. A bit later, in walks GHW Bush and Arnold and entourage. We shared our booth with some nice Secret Service folks and KNEW our boss was not going to believe the reason for our 2.5 hour lunch break.

Reader Clarice had her doubts about .

Hi. I'm from the goberment. I'm here to help you.... I guess the voters would rather pay more money for electricity than enrich politicians.

She didn't say how shopping around for a better power rate was going to enrich politicians. .

There was some heated talk over particular races, particularly and .

Whew! Glad the primary's over. Now we'll be able to get back to normal without contentious political campaigns disrupting... oh, yeah.

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