Snowpocalypse 2011 vs. Warmapalooza 2012: Photos of Mokena Then and Now

Take a look at the same Mokena spots photographed under Thursday's winter sun and last year's feet of snow.

"Love it," lifelong Mokena resident Kristin Garcia, 34, said, making sure her 8-month-old son Joshua was snuggly warm. "Who gets to go out to the park in January?"

Garcia was one of the Mokena residents out enjoying the sun and temperatures nearing—and by some thermometers, passing—the 50-degree mark. In January. In Mokena. In a town that was buried under several feet of snowdrifts just 11 months ago.

Where last winter brought blahs, this one brought trips to , Garcia said.

"It's just completely different, whatever changed," Garcia said of the 2011 and 2012 winters. "It's awesome. We don't have the winter blues!"

Check out our photos of the Mokena last winter and this one, and add your own either here or in Your Neighborhood Gallery.


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