Four Spots to Rock Out in Mokena

Take advantage of this period between winter and spring to learn a new skill, like music.

Remember when American Idol was such a big deal, because it was one of the first shows of its kind to incorporate reality TV, competition and musical talent from everyday people?

Now, I feel like every channel has a show like it. From The Voice and Making the Band, to America’s Got Talent and The Sing-Off, there are quite a few opportunities to show off musical talent on national television.

Even in our own town of Mokena, hosts karaoke two nights a week and a yearly karaoke competition. Open mic nights occur around town that allow locals to strut their talents publicly, and local music shops host shows and recitals to show off the talent of their students.

As we all patiently wait for warmer days full of sunshine and outdoor activities, now is a great time of year to renew yourself and learn a new skill. With multiple opportunities around town for taking music lessons, why not?

Axes Music

If you’re not sure what area of music you’d like to get into, head to . They offer private or group lessons for any age student in guitar, bass, piano, drums and banjo, and they teach the musical styles of blues, rock, classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, bluegrass, Americana and more.

Axes Music emphasizes musical theory and technique so that you can continue to learn music long after your lessons end. You truly learn what it takes to become a musical artist. If you’d like to record your own sounds, Axes Music even provides a recording studio that you can rent out.

School of Rock

For modernized children that love rock ‘n roll, is the choice for them. This school is open to children ages 7 to 18 and offers lessons for guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion and vocal. Musical styles mainly focus on rock music.

A great aspect of School of Rock is that there is room for improvement. Students begin with private lessons each week. When they’re ready, they join a weekly band practice and learn to play comfortably with others. Eventually, they perform in local concerts or open mic nights hosted by School of Rock. If they’re really dedicated, they could be asked to join the AllStars team, which travels during school breaks. This curriculum really prepares the students for performing in front of live audiences.

All About Music & Children’s Theatre

offers private lessons and/or group instruction in piano, voice, guitar, bass guitar, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, singing and acting. They also sell guitars, accessories and sheet music to prepare a student for the musical life ahead.

Classes are expanding at this location, and they are actually looking for piano teachers, voice teachers, music directors and more. If you have musical talent already and aren’t sure how to share it with the world, this could be an excellent opportunity! Some of the current teachers perform
in bands all around the area.

Ortigara’s Musicville

is a family-owned business in Mokena that teaches piano, organ, voice and guitar lessons to anyone of any age. They said that some students go on to play professionally, but many make playing a fun, wonderful hobby for spare time (like between winter and spring). They also sell pianos, digital pianos and organs, along with all the accessories you need to practice comfortably at home.


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