Does a Romney-Ryan Ticket Excite You? (Poll)

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney named U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) as his running mate Saturday. Do you think he's the right choice? Does this give Romney an edge over President Obama?

Editor's note: It's official! Mitt Romney names Paul Ryan as his running mate for his 2012 presidential run, the Huffington Post reports. The following is the story that ran earlier this morning before the announcement.

With only a couple of weeks before the Republican National Convention, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney will reportedly name U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) as his vice presidential pick Saturday, Aug. 11, at a campaign event in Virginia, according to the Huffington Post.

Ryan, 42, is one of the Republican Party's young guns who has made a name for himself on the national political stage with his sweeping budget reform plan and his strident stance for limited government, HuffPost reports. If he gets the nod Saturday morning, Ryan will have beat out safe, middle-of-the-road vice presidential choices, such as Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, the report continued.

Of course, the last time a GOP presidential candidate went the unexpected route and chose a young, energetic running mate, it gave Tina Fey a second career and put the nail in the coffin of any hopes John McCain had of a presidential career. But Paul Ryan is no Sarah Palin (yes, my grasp of the obvious is impressive). And he's no Dan Quayle, either.

If the early news reports are true (I can hedge a bet better than a professional Vegas craps player), what do you think of Romney's decision to go with Ryan? Is this a sign that his campaign is moving into attack formation, all sights set on President Barack Obama's supposed Achilles' heel: the economy?

Or does the decision to go with Ryan smack of campaign desperation and of a candidate trying too hard to escape his image of being an uptight automaton who makes Al Gore look as laid back and mellow as Matthew McConaughey (with or without a shirt on; it's your call)?

Take our poll on the decision and share your thoughts and opinions with other and voters in the comments section.


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BUTCH September 21, 2012 at 11:44 PM
Sorry mom the TPARTY are good at waving the flag and screaming about abortion we have to bring attention to what they are really about and it is crude and disgusting even how they dine ask Deb? From their beginnings in the NEO Cheney-Rummy days to the present their contempt for Vets who have wounded minds and bodies fighting for lies, Oil and Terror and lying about TAMMY DUCK WORTH and MAX CLEELAND both of whom lost multiple limbs while these scum flag wavers were protesting at abortion clinics they were worried the cannon fodder were going to dry up,they could not get enough PROSELYTIZING deferments like the 5 Mormon missionary kids to to fight in their wars for NETANYAHU or wherever the oil is, the Pres is leaving the POPPY fields and they are shut out again he left the Neo cons 's( the Kosher TPARTY ) scrambling with the withdrawal of Iraq, the Nazi-Muslim Commie Black guy is playing hard ball they only like money-ball.
Penny September 24, 2012 at 10:13 PM
Butch, Why is Obama playing with Beyonce, Letterman, JayZ, the View hags when he should be working out the mess he created? Why does he think he should apologize when our US Ambassador's body is raped, sodomized and dragged through the streets? Obama is a failure!!!!!
Penny September 25, 2012 at 12:09 AM
Butch, What hard ball is Obama playing? Golf? Letterman, the View, Vegas while the Middle East burns and our amabassador is being sodomized, tortured murdered, dragged through the streets. I sympathize with the daunting task of defending a complete failure of a President but spewing nonsensical drivel will not help anyone forget the latrocity that has been the Obama presidency.
BUTCH September 25, 2012 at 05:44 AM
which mess the invasions of IRAQ AFGHANISTAN LIBYA or SYRIA OOPS YEMEN or SUDAN and CENTRAL AFRICA and on and on isn't the Empire big enough yet? what apology the RED ARMY COMMIE partners and the ZIONIST COMMIE vice Lord who are developing the PERSIAN gas fields had better not apologize, TWIT is in the GIPPER and NIXON TERRITORY he is no tax dodger he is a traitor along with GROVER-ERIC CANTOR McCONNELL and the conspirators they met with on inauguration day 2009, bet TWIT amends his 10 tax return when he is in his CAYMAN island retreat after losing it should be MARION or GITMO, the problem with DEM'S are they are too civilized when dealing with these scum. in my opinion should apologize that was Slime and LINDSEY prodding him to invade and carpet bomb screw those drones I agree he failed on single payer and caved in on the BUSH tax cuts and gave way to many tax breaks for TPARTY nit wits who sabotaged the economy
BUTCH September 25, 2012 at 06:20 AM
TWIT loves to hear himself no matter he said the opposite just a day or two or year earlier , LYIN had a Russian anti Commie ATHEIST wannabe corporatist as his ECONOMIC GURU she and LYIN BELIEVE SSA and MEDICARE are Commie Socialist schemes even though she was on SSA in her last days there is no issue that these two obvious know nothings will say that is believable except cut the Koch Bros taxes, TPARTY good soldiers all fall in line and think they are anti ISLAMIST born again anti Nazi-Commies of a high moral standard while they began as a tool of the CHF LOBBYIST of RED China and TWIT is heavily 100 million worth financed by the VICE LORD OF RED CHINA and is when he began his run been in partnership with the RED ARMY who poisoned our pet food and toothpaste and kids beds and toys The Red army OIL co TWIT partnered with are now developing the MULLAHS of IRAN( remember the CONTRAS) gas fields who are also the partners of Dick Cheney and sworn enemy of ISRAEL who can make this up? Start with the AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INST the think tank of the AMERICAN ISRAEL POLITICAL ACTION CMTE who there seems to be no knowledge of on these local blogs, it is like geography if one is ignorant of it is at their own peril!


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