I Love Mokena: Grocery Stores Reflect Local Focus

While most towns have to shop at big chains, Mokena has more local options.

Welcome back.

Grocery stores. Some call them supermarkets, or the old standby, "the store." As in: "I'm going to the store, need anything"?

Many people are used to going to "the big guys" for groceries. In Mokena we have it even better. As in Berkot's and Brookhaven.

in Mokena is a happy reminder of more laid back, quieter days. Several years ago they completed a massive expansion and remodeling project that turned our quaint little grocery store into an even more full service but just as friendly place to fill a shopping cart. The service and home town atmosphere is just as prevalent as ever. It's never a surprise to run into friends and neighbors as you peruse the aisles checking off your shopping list.

, three years and counting in Mokena, is sort of the new kid on the block and also serves our community well. It's a different experience walking through the doors, akin to an over-sized Trader Joe's with a huge produce area.

Just as Berkot's is a destination for their famous fried chicken, Brookhaven has become the go-to place for their extensive deli. So busy it has become, they've actually had to install a computer kiosk near the front door to place your deli order so you don't have to take a number and wait in line.

You have to travel a long way to enjoy the amenities and advantages provided by these two great local grocers. They truly reflect the community pride and loyalty we all enjoy in our beautiful village.

More great reasons why we love Mokena!

Angelahirst11 September 12, 2011 at 12:11 PM
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