Lincoln-Way hosts Realtors, Bankers, Elected Officials

Lincoln-Way High School District 210 Supt. Lawrence Wyllie addresses realtors and bankers at a business luncheon.

Nearly 40 local real estate agents, bankers and elected officials joined Lincoln-Way High School District 210 Superintendent Lawrence A. Wyllie this week for an update on test scores, finances and instruction.

“We appreciate you coming here today,” Wyllie told the group. “Our board is very student centered. Every decision they make is based on what’s best for kids.”

The Board of Education, which hosted Tuesday’s informational program at Lincoln-Way North, invites local real estate agents, bankers and elected officials in twice a year (once on the east side of the district and once on the west side of the district) to receive an update on district programs and initiatives.

“When someone is thinking about moving into our school district, the first people they contact are their Realtor, banker and local elected officials,” explained Wyllie. “People looking to move into our district are asking questions about test scores and boundaries. The people in this room are our front line of communication. We want them to have the most current information about Lincoln-Way.”

During his presentation Tuesday (Jan. 22), Wyllie reviewed the district’s most current ACT and PSAE test scores and how they compare to surrounding school districts.

All four Lincoln-Way high schools top the list of performance results in Will County and rank in the top 9.8 percent of high schools in the state of Illinois.

“We’ve stayed focused on academics,” said Wyllie, who went on to talk about the state of the economy, how the state of Illinois has fallen behind on its payments to the district and how Lincoln-Way has reduced expenditures by $8 million since 2009 by eliminating a number of administrative positions as well as faculty, clerical and coaching positions.

Recently, the Board of Education approved a bond refunding resolution that will result in restructuring debt to help reduce the total tax citizens will see on their May property tax bills by 7 to 8 cents.

“That’s going to give taxpayers instant relief,” said Wyllie, driving the tax rate down to 35 cents.

'We want you to know how much we appreciate what you do,” he concluded. “Our schools are the hub of the community. Without your support, we would be absolutely nothing.”

Charla Brautigan contributed this story.


For more information about Lincoln-Way High School District 210, visit thier website. 

Grace Hopper February 19, 2013 at 11:31 PM
"rank in the top 9.8 percent of high schools in the state of Illinois." I wouldn't brag that 91-out-of 100 schools are better than us. Not for what we pay these teachers.


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