Should Wolf Road Get an I-80 Interchange?

I Love Mokena: Share your thoughts and suggestions about the possibility of an exit off Interstate 80 into Mokena.

Welcome back.

For many years now there have been on again and off again discussions about an expressway interchange at I-80 and Wolf Road. This intersection is pretty much split between Mokena and Orland Park, with both communities required to agree on any type of plan before a single shovel of dirt can be tossed.

The village of Mokena has grown by leaps and bounds since any serious discussion about the interchange took place.

Countless proposals were reviewed and comprehensive studies were commissioned to evaluate the necessity and desire to have such an interchange at the location. No action has been taken for many years and any type of solution, no matter what the logistics,  is languishing in bureaucracy.

While this is not the place to get lost in the details, it is a convenient spot to rekindle the discussion. Currently, when traveling on Interstate 80, there is an eight mile gap between the interchanges at LaGrange Road in Mokena and U.S. 30 in New Lenox. In between lies the connection to I-355.

Well, Mokena, the town that we all love, now is as good a time as any to hear your comments and suggestions. If you're in favor, or not, of expressway access at I-80 at Wolf Road please drop me a line with your thoughts. Whatever your feelings, it would add to the discussion if you could give a brief synopsis on why you feel that way.

In the mean time I'll be out there looking for more ways to love Mokena.

Tom Strobing May 01, 2012 at 10:58 AM
Wolf road is only two lanes can you imagine the traffic jambs. The traffic that it would create for all us residence . I forgot Mr. Labriola doesn't live by there so it doesn't matter to him. Remember Cheery street that you did not want. Oh yea that's by your house.Stop trying to create problems in our town most of us have your number.
Don Labriola May 01, 2012 at 01:16 PM
Mr. Strobing, can you please highlight the part of Monday's I Love Mokena column where I state my support, or not, for an interchange at I-80 & Wolf Road. As I explained earlier, the subject was brought up and I wrote a column to get the opinion of our community. Your feelings and opinions are just as important as everyone else's in Mokena. The fact that I don't live near Wolf Road has no bearing. In my elected duties I have a responsibility to all of our residents and I take that very seriously. You certainly have a right to your opinion and I respect that. I would be happy to discuss Cherry Street with you or anyone else. This column is not the place for that. Please contact me and we can setup a time to talk. Thank you.
Ron Kenning May 03, 2012 at 04:05 PM
Absolutely not!! Do people not see the back ups on Wolf already??? Try getting on to wolf from 194th about 330PM! That is an insane thing to even consider!!
Ron Kenning May 03, 2012 at 04:29 PM
The idea that it would alleviate congestion at 191 and Lagrange is absurd also! You would have to upgrade wolf rd in both directions. You would soon have the same congested intersections at 187 and 183rd. Why us it do bad to have Lagrange exit and 355 exit bracket us? Is it really that difficult for people to drive to get on 80? Some people want to be the next Orland park. As for front street businesses, I've been hearing that issue all my life! The traffic on Wolf sits still now , does that bring Front st business? No! There is nothing to offer people on Front street , that's the problem. Time and money wasted and it is not appealing nor does it have anything to lure people there! How come Frankfort and Tinley, which has done wonders , can do it? They didn't need an Oak Park inner change did they?
Jane McGinn May 04, 2012 at 02:35 PM
There was discussion at one point of a split intersection with traffic exitting I80 northbound at Wolf Road and then traffic exitting southbound for the exchange to be at Schoolhouse Road and I80 - there is still an open traffic study for Schoolhouse Road isn't there?


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