Southland Residents Aren't Celebrating 12/12/12 Birthdays by the Numbers

The next time the date reads triple repetitive digits will be in the 22nd century.

The number 12 holds special significance in our lives.

Twelve months in a year, 12 inches in a foot, 12 signs of the zodiac. People in a jury, beers in a pack, roses in a bouquet—all grouped in 12. And don't forget the 12 days of Christmas.

For those celebrating a birthday Wednesday, the triple-digit date alignment of Dec. 12, 2012—12/12/12—sprinkles something extra over an already special day, thanks to the rarity of the numerological occurrence. The date is the last such occurrence until Jan. 1, 2101.

Call it rare, or special—call it a wedding anniversary easy to remember. In Las Vegas, staff at one wedding chapel expect to see 10 times the normal amount of ceremonies it sees on a Wednesday, according to one CNN.com article.

No Matter What Date, Birthday Will Always Be Special for Mother and Daughter

Some Southland residents are going all-out to celebrate the day, whether it's throwing a bigger party or proposing a toast at 12:12 a.m.

Take Tinley Park native (now a Morris resident) Krista Offermann, whose daughter, Margot, turns 4 today. She hadn't noticed the unique numbering of the date until a couple days ago. But Margot and the Offermann family really don't need any digit mumbo jumbo to make Dec. 12 a blessed day each year.

During Margot's delivery, the umbilical cord wrapped itself three times around the girl's throat, and she wasn't breathing on her own, Offermann said. A less-than-ideal delivery and conditions that required a life-saving blood transfusion for Ostermann resulted in a dayslong hospital stay for the mother and daughter. Now, each year, they celebrate the day with gifts, activities—and a Facebook status urging friends and family to donate blood.

Date Adds Extra Shine to Golden Birthdays

Another local girl, Alexandra Pazienza of Mt. Greenwood, has the distinction of turning 12, making it a quadruple-digit affair. It's her golden birthday, and she will have her first boy-girl party (a pool party at a local hotel!) to celebrate.

She's not the only one. Oak Forest resident Collin Torres-Krause also marks his golden birthday on 12/12/12.

Lucky Number 12/12/12?

Orland Park resident Rebecca Campbell is turning 34, and she plans on buying a lottery ticket. Palos resident Amanda Rosales will revel in one full year with her daughter. New Lenox resident Michael Mattson's grandson turns 10 on 12/12/12.

Other Southland Residents with 12/12/12 Birthdays


  • Holli Piet: She will celebrate her 39th birthday, spending time with her grandmother during the day and going out to dinner with her husband and son that evening. "I am sure they have special surprises for me afterward," she said. And yes, Piet says she knows the digits of her age also add up to 12.
  • Alyssa Frankenfield: She turns 11. Her mother, Katie, says Alyssa had a sleepover party this past weekend, and family members will come over for dinner and cake to help her celebrate tonight.


  • Scott Voss


  • Suzy Weber: father turns 80


  • Lisa Houtchens


  • Jomar Camacho: turns 52
  • Kristian Gelfo: turns 16
  • Holli Baseleon-Pie


  • Juan Antonio Lopez: turns 15
  • Joey Moran: turns 40
  • Andrea Krusinski Dawson
  • Jagruti Pandya Upadhyay


  • Mickey Kelly: turns 7
  • Andrew Spicka: turns 21
  • Lilyan Grant: turns 9

Is today your birthday? How will you celebrate the occasion, and the rare date?


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