Music in D159: Soothing to the Ears? Or Unnecessary?

Following the hiring of three new teachers for the District 159 music program, Patch's readers reacted to the news in some different ways. Now Patch wants to hear your opinion on the issue.

Music will once again be filling the halls of Mokena School schools this year, thanks to the recent hiring of two full-time and one part-time teacher, one of whom previously taught in the district. The three teachers will all also teach physical education as well.

The hires were made after the resignation of two teachers who worked in the district last year.

Earlier this week, Patch let our readers know about the recent hires and the resulting comments on both and our Facebook definitely drew our attention.

What do you think? Are music and physical education a necessity, or should they be considered luxuries?

  • 'R. W. Voter' said: “More money down the drain. If a child is interested in music, get him music lessons. Is it mandatory that the children take music, even if they don't want to? Most grammar school children I know want no part of it. Then physical education, another mandate for the children. They wouldn't need P.E. if they took a walk once in a while, or rode their bicycle for miles, or just played baseball in the park, but the summer is almost over and I haven't seen any of the little darlings except for them getting into Mom's car to be driven somewhere.”
  • 'ALS' said: “If schools only taught things that kids "wanted to do or learn" all they would teach all day is video games, naps, and eating junk food. Why even teach them at all, R.W. Voter? Not all children that go to our schools have parents that are educated or financially capable of providing a good home life or well rounded activities. As a society, we have a norm of providing a healthy education. We have schools with teachers because they are educated enough to teach children. Not all parents have the skills to do that.”
  • Lisa DiGiovanni Liptak said: “I think it's great that they have music and PE in the schools. It's a nice break for the students from the other school subjects. PE is important because it gets the students running and moving around. It can be hard for children to contain all that energy sitting at a desk all day. Music is a big part of everyone's life. We listen to music in the car, there's music on television, and I like to turn it up when I'm cleaning. Why not learn about it?”
  • Jen Vestuto said: “My God ..if we only taught our kids what they wanted to learn or where there interest was hmmm yea let me know how ur kids end up ..and sadly most families these days can't afford music lessons and other things...hey just remember that kid taking the music class that ur tax money is going to...might write your next favorite song!”

So what do you think? Do your kids benefit from music and physical education?

Join the conversation and share your thoughts in the comments section below!

R.W.Voter August 10, 2012 at 04:23 PM
Now let me hear how much more money you could have made if you went into the business world. I feel that the public school system is a poor system, the children do not learn much, and have no discipline. They are poorly trained for the future. There are no standards for pass, fail. I personally know of a young man at Lincoln way, who had to take the English test 4 times before he passed it and he then graduated to JJC remedial Englsih, yeh, you guys are doing a hell of a job. It is all about throw more tax money at it. Just like the Chicago Teachers, "threaten a strike" . Thank you. All that money for about 9 months solid work, you have a great job .
GDLV August 14, 2012 at 04:49 AM
R.W. Voter, I'm sorry you had to take the English test 4 times.
R.W.Voter August 14, 2012 at 01:10 PM
Not me, thank God I never had to attend a Public School. I wouldn't wish that on an enemy. Thank you.
Johnny Stoll August 14, 2012 at 05:44 PM
Ms. Traut, would it not be more unbiased to select equal numbers of pro/con comments to quote in your article? I think so, unless you have a biased agenda? BTW, as a hard charging conservative, I believe the music program, if a quality one, is essential to a child's education. As well as learning a second language. What really needs to be reformed is the emphasis on extra-curricular sports in our school systems. Jocks seem to be even more moronic nowadays. But really, the whole system needs reevaluation, from the whole summer break, to the short days. Life doesn't take summer breaks for three months every year. I always felt like I had to play catch-up going into the next grade, as I forgot many of the lessons taught the year before over that l-o-n-g summer break.
Johnny Stoll August 14, 2012 at 05:51 PM
I have to laugh, looking at the MPS logo. "Where Children are the First Priority". It comes off kinda badly when I saw the teachers with their picket signs last year outside of MES, walking on Wolf Rd, right up until the first period started, complaining that they're working with no contract. I don't have a contract. Do you? Hellsbelles, I'm under-employed currently, but it's something I'm proud to have, and proud to work for. BTW, both my folks were educated, union govt employees. They both hated the union.


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