Crime Map: Where Crimes Happened in Early August

Find out when and where crimes went down in Mokena in early August, using data from the Mokena Police Department and a map from CrimeReports.com.

Here is the breakdown of the most common incidents  had to deal with from Aug. 9 through Aug. 23, according to CrimeReports.com.

 to provide interactive crime maps to the public and more detailed mapping for internal use.

Check CrimeReports.com for Mokena crime data and to sign up for crime alerts.

The map is coded by crime type, which are as follows:

A is Assault, B is for Breaking & Entering, P is for Property Crime, is for Theft, TV is for Theft from Vehicle, O is for Other, R is for Robbery and Q is for Quality of Life violations, which includes drug, alcohol and disorderly conduct charges.

Type of Crime


Breaking and Entering  2 Credit Card Fraud 1 Drug Offenses 1 Identity Theft 2 Robberies 1 Thefts 4 Theft From Vehicles 3 Warrant Arrests 2


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