Defense: Victim Was the Aggressor in Outriggers Assault Case

The defense attorney for a Mokena man accused of assaulting a Tinley Park restaurant manager wants a witness to testify that the manager has had previous confrontations with customers.

The defense attorney for a Mokena man accused of assaulting a Tinley Park restaurant manager argued Wednesday, Oct. 10, that a woman who had a previous run-in with the alleged victim should be allowed to testify at a trial.

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Donovan Campbell, 42, is claiming self-defense for his role in . Authorities say the altercation began when Campbell became upset over his bill at Outriggers. Donovan slapped the manager in the face and punched his chest when asked to leave, police said. Witnesses told police that Campbell then put the 55-year-old manager in a choke hold and wrestled him to the ground. The manager suffered eight broken ribs and a collapsed lung, police said.

However, Campbell's attorney, Dennis F. Dwyer, wants a woman to be allowed to testify that she also got into an argument over the bill with the manager, Dwyer said during a hearing in Judge Colleen Ann Hyland's Bridgeview courtroom. Campbell appeared in court next to Dwyer in a gray pinstriped suit with his ever-present brown accordion file folder.

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Dwyer said the manager became irate and screamed at the woman, telling her to "get the f--- out" and calling the woman and her companion "white trash." The attorney said that incident points to the manager's modus operandi.

"We expect the evidence to show in our case that there was a dispute about the bill, which [Campbell] paid, by the way," Dwyer said, "and the complaining witness [the manager] became irate, screaming and followed [Campbell] out of the restaurant."

Dwyer called the incident with the woman identical to Campbell's altercation.

However, prosecutors argued the case is not identical because the woman "didn't get violent and injure the victim in this case."

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An assistant state's attorney working on the case said the incident didn't include physical acts of violence and that with Campbell, "the victim turned away and the defendant batted [at] him."

Hyland is expected to rule on the issue on Nov. 2. Dwyer had no comment about the case after the hearing.

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