Murder Defendant's Motion to Quash Evidence Denied by Judge

Rodney Julun, of Chicago, is charged with the June 2011 murder of New Lenox Township resident Dwight Jones.

Rodney Julun's request to suppress interrogation room evidence was denied Wednesday his trial, where he's charged with the murder of New Lenox Township resident Dwight Jones. 

Julun, of Chicago, was charged in June last year with the murder of a New Lenox Township resident.  and then robbed over four days as his corpse decayed.

Earlier this summer, Julun and assistant public defender Mike Renzi called the interrogation “psychologically coercive,” noting that “the defendant was so shaken and confused … he cried and frequently asked to go home.” 

They asked Will County Judge Daniel Rozak to throw out any statements Julun made during his interrogation, as well as any DNA samples and fingerprints collected therein.

But after watching the interrogation room footage for himself, Rozak struck down the motion filed the suppress the evidence during the trial. The motion was filed by Julun, and Judge Rozak admonished Julun to work solely with his attorney as it concerns motions.

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Also at the hearing Wednesday, Renzi requested time for experts to review information.

"We are completing discovery and have been in contact with an expert," Renzi said. "We sent off his records."

The topic of the information sought by an unnamed expert was not revealed. However, Judge Daniel Rozak approved the delay. He set the next court date for Oct. 1. 

Two others in the case—John White and David Reed, both of Chicago—pleaded guilty in February to having  along with Julun while Dwight Jones' body decayed in the bedroom. Although the two men said they didn't know a dead body was in the house. 

Reed, 24, got four years—the minimum sentence for a Class 1 felony. White, 21, received a six-year sentence. .

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Tristan Levi August 09, 2012 at 08:34 PM
Did the dead-guy cry that HE wanted to go home, too?


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