Mokena Crime Map: Where Did Crimes Happen in March?

See what crimes happened where in Mokena in the first three months of the year.

Property crimes were the most common incident had to deal with in March, according to CrimeReports.com.

The breakdown of incidents the police dealt with month-by-month are below. The January and February numbers differ from because this list includes "quality of life" violations like drug use and disorderly conduct.

Check CrimeReports.com for Mokena crime data and to sign up for crime alerts.

Jan. Feb. March Arson 0 0 2 Assault 8 6 8 Breaking & Entering 3 2 4 Disorderly Conduct 4 6 4 Drugs 5 10 10 Family Offense 2 3 4 Other Sexual Offense 1 0 0 Property Crime 5 11 14 Missing Person 3 2 0 Theft 10 10 6 Theft from Vehicle 6 3 5 Theft of Vehicle 2 1 0 Other 2 5 10 Total 51 59 67

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William Caldwell April 02, 2012 at 08:58 PM
Crime was a lot less when we had one policeman. He also ran the sewage treatment plant, changed burned out street lights, fixed the road, acted as dog catcher, and anything else the village fathers had him do. As I remember, he was the only village employee. His Police Car was a old blue pick up truck with a gumball light on top. His uniform was a police hat. His radio was a CB. His dispatcher was his wife at their home on Wolf Road. If he needed help, which was very, very, seldom, he could call on volunteers like myself who had as much knowledge about police matters as he did. His name is / was Vernon Bormett.
Kelly April 12, 2012 at 08:42 PM
This must be a great dream from the past. If in these current times we could have only 1 police officer for the whole town, Mokena would not be the great town it is for the times have changed.


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