No More Crime? Village Installs Metra Lot Cameras

The New Lenox lot was a hub for criminal activity last year, so the village installed five surveillance cameras to help commuters feel safer.

New Lenox installed security cameras in the Metra commuter lot earlier this month in hope of detering criminals from taking car parts, an ongoing problem in 2011.

There's been a string of burglaries, cars damaged, parts stolen and even one car taken from the lot, but there haven't been any reported crimes in the lot off Route 30 in at least a few months, according to police blotter reports.

To keep the lot from continuing as a hub for criminal activity, the village purchased a surveillance system for $29,200. The system will have five cameras total, set up at three locations in the lot with enough range to view or zoom in on any point there.

"You don't want to put cameras up everywhere, but they really do deter so much crime," village trustee Dave Smith said.

Meanwhile, the village is considering an increase to the parking fee for the commuter lot. Currently it's $1/day, but that amount could increase 25 cents and eventually get to $1.50/day.

The primary reason for the increase is that lot maintenance costs more than the village takes in through revenue right now, so that means non-commuting residents are helping subsidize a user-based service.

Additionally, the village wants to start saving money for future maintenance needs in the lot.

The issue was discussed at a February committee meeting and will be brought up by the Village Board at a later date. The Village Board's next meeting is at 7 p.m. Monday, March 26 at .

Ed March 25, 2012 at 01:05 AM
I'm happy to hear crime is down in the lot and the cameras are in. I hope the cameras are for proactive monitoring and not reactive. On a side note, the actual parking spaces are much narrower than regular parking spots in other lots. It's almost as if they tried to squeeze an extra spot or two in every row. Trucks and SUVS are nearly touching both lines. I drive a compact car and I can definitely notice a difference. I have the dents, dings, and scratches to prove it.


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