Second Prison Escapee Arrested in Palos Hills (UPDATE)

Kenneth Conley, 38, was arrested by Palos Hills police Friday afternoon. A police officer was injured during the incident and remains hospitalized.

Updated 8:39 p.m.

A Palos Hills police lieutenant remains hospitalized after wrestling with a wanted man who escaped from a downtown Chicago correctional center in December.

Kenneth Conley, 38, was arrested by officers from the Palos Hills Police Department Friday afternoon. Police say Conley was hiding out in the basement of an apartment building at 10279 86th Terrace.

. Banks was arrested Dec. 21 in Chicago by the FBI’s Violent Crimes Task Force and the Chicago Police Department.

A lieutenant involved in investigating the apartment was injured in a struggle with Conley, police said. The officer is being treated for pulled leg and back muscles at Palos Community Hospital.

FBI agents and deputy U.S. Marshals also were in Palos Hills earlier in the week investigating reports that Conley had been seen there, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The lieutenant, a sergeant and a patrol officer from the department were sent to investigate a report from two maintenance workers for the apartment complex, about a man who was living in the basement, said Palos Hills Deputy Chief James Boie. He declined to give out the names of the officers involved.

While waiting outside the building, the lieutenant spotted an elderly looking man who was walking near the building and caught his attention, Boie said. The suspicious man, who turned out to be Conley, had a beret pulled down over his face and was walking with a cane.

The officer was punched after Conley gave a fake name, Boie said. Conley reportedly struggled during the arrest.

"The lieutenant then went down to the ground, I believe with a pulled hamstring," Boie said. "The suspect then ran eastbound."

Conley was able to run into a nearby building in the same apartment complex, Boie said. The other two officers caught up to Conley as he tried to force his way into an apartment.

Conley was found with what police describe as a “look-a-like” BB gun.

Boie said Conley was arrested in 2004 for resisting arrest and obstructing a police officer after getting pulled over in Palos Hills. He also had a BB gun with in during that incident.

One resident of the Scenic Tree Apartments were Conley was allegedly hiding out said he didn’t realize anyone was down there.

“I was down there about five minutes before the whole thing happened,” said Brian Finley, 41. “I was putting the last load of laundry in.

Conley was turned over to FBI custody after his arrest. Boie said he likely will face charges from Palos Hills police, including battery and resisting arrest.

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Joseph Marrotta January 06, 2013 at 02:28 AM
Lol. All this negative talk & you don't even live here? Ok. Enough said. Goodbye!
Jill January 06, 2013 at 09:16 AM
And I'm in Mokena......Where someone attempted to break into my home AND 10 days later, broke into my car.....right in MY driveway too, NYC! The police's best response was that I should invest in a home security system. At least Palos got off of their duff and DID something - you should be greatful for THAT!
darrick mclaurin January 06, 2013 at 06:04 PM
If anyone can find an area with absolutely no crime.....then move there. All this talk about Palos being a bad area now..move about 12 miles east, to Chicago, and then telll me something about Palos' crime being bad
Bob Laird January 07, 2013 at 03:36 PM
hopefully the officers had a few minutes with him in the backroom of the lockup before the feds took him. just to explain why it's not smart to assault an officer.
Christina January 07, 2013 at 05:09 PM
This is ridiculous. The crime did not occur in Palos, the idiot just hid-out there. Some of our fellow patch readers will take any opportunity to voice their opinions on how the "neighborhood isn't what it used to be" regardless of the story. In this case, that comment was silly and unnecessary. Thank you Palos Hills Police Department for a job well done and best wishes for a speedy recovery to the lieutenant involved.


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