Silver Cross Sued Over New Lenox Man's Suicide

The family of Jason Frame, a New Lenox resident who hanged himself in Silver Cross Hospital's psychiatric ward last year, alleges that hospital staff failed to prevent the suicide.

A New Lenox family is suing , alleging that staff failed to prevent their son's suicide during his stay.

Jason Frame, formerly of New Lenox, admitted himself to the psychiatric ward in Silver Cross Hospital's Joliet location Nov. 29, 2011. On Dec. 1, he hanged himself in the bathroom with a hospital gown. He was 23.

Frame's parents, Orville and Maureen, filed a malpractice suit against the hospital Friday, March 23, in the Will County Circuit Court.

"Upon his admission, Jason exhibited signs of delusion, hallucination, paranoia and agitation," attorney Steve Levin said in a news release. "Because of his expressed suicidal ideations and behaviors, he should have been placed under close supervision and surveillance."

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The lawsuit alleges that the suicide could have been prevented.

"The staff should have provided one-on-one care or ensured there were no items that the patient could use to injure himself," he said.

Frame's parents said they were relieved when he was admitted to the hospital, and they trusted hosptal staff to protect him.

"We were devastated to learn that they left Jason alone with the tools needed to take his own life," his father, Orville said. "We took action against Silver Cross to protect other patients, and hope that this will never happen to another family."

The lawsuit names the hospital, Dr. Cosme Lozano of the Joliet Center for Clinical Research, two individual registered nurses and a psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner in 10 counts of wrongful death and survival action allegations.

For each count, the family is seeking in excess of $50,000.

Officials from Silver Cross Hospital could not be reached for comment Friday afternoon.

alski March 30, 2012 at 01:31 PM
I'm sorry but I have to agree with the very first comment here and that's about all that need be said. Because I feel that this one ( like a few others ) will go on and on ending with name calling, false accusations based on hearsay. BRW....your response is not really that much better.First of all "no amount of money will bring back this young man." and second "no amount of money will bring back this young man." Will making people lose their jobs. Raking somebody over the coals. Lawsuits. Attorneys. Driving up the cost of health care even more...yes..that will teach us all a lesson. This young man must have been dealing with some pretty serious inner demons. He had agreed to enter the hospital and for whatever the reason he chose to take his own life instead of staying. Now somebody is looking for somebody else to be held responsible. I'm sorry call me old fashioned but I never really understood the whole " money for grief " thing. God forbid I should lose a family member to a tragic incident like this because I could not put a dollar amount on anyone's life. As far as the posters who are going to think that this is "a cold blooded response '" . I don't feel it's right that whenever tragedy strikes and lives are lost. Someone has to be held accountable to the tune of some random dollar amount. I refuse to let some attorney put a dollar amount on the life belonging to any of my family........but that's just me. Sorry for your loss. Time heals all wounds
alski March 30, 2012 at 01:44 PM
Too many people believe in the saying... " Money can't buy happiness....but cryin' in a BMW sure beats cryin' in a Ford Escort "
Karen April 25, 2012 at 11:15 PM
It's none of your business, Marlo! The issue is between the family, the treatment center, and a jury. Who are you to tell the family how best to deal with their pain. They are trying to prevent this from happening to another family. That's what this is about.
Jack K. April 26, 2012 at 03:56 PM
I've been reading all these comments and Karen if it wasn't anyone's business than the story should not be published in the Herald News or New Lenox Patch. Hey, they put the story out there, so everyone is entitled to comment their thoughts and opinion. I agree w/ Marlo. This is about $ and the blame game. I haven't read one single thing that would help prevent this from happening again, just a whole lotta 'it's someone else's fault'
Secret Agent December 02, 2012 at 06:05 AM
My prayers are with the family of Jason. I'm sure today was a tough day for them.


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