Mokena Switches Electrical Supplier, Rate to Increase

Mokena's contract with Integrys ends in July, and the Village has decided to go with Homefield Energy.

Mokena residents signed up for the electrical aggregation program will see a change in their electric supplier—and an increase in their rate. 

Trustees recently decided to switch from Integrys to Homefield Energy. Starting with August bills, customers enrolled in the program will pay $0.07031/kWh for their power supply. 

ComEd’s price at that time is projected to be in the range of $0.075/kWh (perhaps higher)—an estimated savings for the average Mokena household in the range of $50 annually, or $150 over the term of the three-year contract.

Customers can still opt out of or into the aggregation with Homefield at any time during the 36-month term of the agreement without penalty—no early termination fees. 

If ComEd’s rate ever drops below Homefield’s fixed contract rate, Homefield will have the opportunity to match it. If Homefield declines, customers will be allowed to return to ComEd.

"These savings will not be nearly as large as those seen over the past 20 months," according to a release on the village website. "Starting this summer, customers can expect to pay more for their electric power supply whether they stay in the aggregation, choose another supplier on their own, or return to ComEd."

Those with more detailed questions regarding the new power supply agreement are encouraged to contact Kirk Zoellner at 708-479-3900.

Eric Blair April 28, 2014 at 07:19 PM
Electrical aggregation is a Wall Street scam. In the not too distant future, once this scheme really gets going our electric bills will go way up with the money going to Wall Street commodity traders. Price fixing/manipulation will guarantee huge profits for these leaches. The California Enron caper was only the dry run. Now that this scam is nationwide the money involved will reach into the hundred billion $$ range. Helped by the coming “smart meters” they will be able to price our electric usage scientifically with regard to the going rate, adjusted every 15 minutes. One form of lie is committed by selectively leaving out certain important information when giving testimony. Our elected officials committed perjury by pimping on behalf of the Wall Street brokers when they "sold" us this "bargain". Once the whole scheme starts to become much clearer it will be time to indict all public officials on charges of conspiracy and perjury along with mail fraud and any other pertinent counts spelled out under the RICO Act. Too bad government is exempt from being charged under the RICO Act. Get ready to pay up, big time.
WompBomp June 13, 2014 at 04:19 PM
I think it's sexy how Mokena negotiated a loss. I hope they start selling stuff, They can be sure to take out GoodWill shops!


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