New Mayor Talks Mokena, Economic Development and the Future

Newly elected Mokena Mayor Frank Fleischer addresses economic development, thanks the community for its support and talks about what's next for Mokena.

Mokena's newly elected mayor, Frank Fleischer, is ready to work with newly elected trustees, village administration and others to bring the village economic development. Although he was elected in an unopposed race, Fleischer said that the voter turnout indicated that the village was ready for change.

“People voted for me for a reason,” he said. “Even though I was unopposed, people voted for me. … That tells me people are looking forward to what I said during the campaign. They want economic development in the village of Mokena and I will start doing that as soon as I take office.”

With economic development at the forefront of his mind, Fleischer said he plans to find a way to bring an economic development director position to the village.

“I want to bring that in, I want to sit down with the administration and find out where we can get the money and bring that person in,” he said.

As the election ended, Fleischer said he can move on to doing his main goal: Making Mokena better.

“It's my responsibility to do what I said I was going to do during the campaign.

See what else the newly elected mayor of Mokena had to say about Mokena in the video above.

Amanda Bowl April 12, 2013 at 01:50 PM
When Werner got elected 8 years ago as Mayor, Fleischer called him and told him he really should go take a class on how to be Mayor. Really, Frank? You need to go take a class on reading the material your TEAM sent out during the campaign that you and Vince said you supposedly didn't know anything about. Really, Frank?
Rick April 12, 2013 at 05:35 PM
I really dont think Bowl is all about hate. It is a fact that there was no other choice to vote for mayor and the incumbents won. If the people truly wanted Frank they would have voted his people into office. I'm sure a lot of people are not happy how Joe pulled the plug at the last second before anyone else could have run. Kinda of shady I think. I've been a resident for over 40 years and Fleischer does have a history here. I also agree people voted for him thinking if they didn't the ballot would not count. No hate just facts. The next 4 years will be interesting.
Amanda Bowl April 12, 2013 at 09:18 PM
Thanks, Rick. As a strong incumbent supporter even I was upset when Werner withdrew from the election. But I truly don't think there's anything shady. Just a man torn in many directions and wanted to continue to do it all and then realized he just couldn't. The petition objection threw things off quite a bit too. Very time consuming and expensive for the incumbents to get ready for the hearing. I think that was the straw that broke the camels back for Werner and he just realized he couldn't put up with 4 more years of the crap that comes along with being Mayor. And it was very shady of Frank to go along with the filing of the petition objections. That was the start of his candidates heading for a loss. The next 4 years WILL be very interesting but great for the people of Mokena. Thanks again! I have to add that I think Mokena school district 159 got some very smart, hard working people elected to the school board. Lots of luck to them too.
Cereal Bowl April 12, 2013 at 10:06 PM
Werner is on the record stating that he made the decision to withdraw before the petition challenge. He also indicated that he was aware that Fleischer was circulating petitions before the filing deadline. What a person does in personal life is most certainly their decision and none of anyone's business. If his reasons for withdrawing are truthful then he is to be commended for having his priorities in order. By his actions he told the voters in Mokena that Frank Fleischer was acceptable to head the village government. Fleischer made it clear that he expects the incumbents not to work with him. The incumbents claim otherwise. Be interesting to see who blinks first. Werner single handedly prevented the voters from having a choice in the mayor's race. In that respect he did the town a grave injustice and demonstrated how selfish he can really be. It is highly likely that others would have run for his seat with proper notice. Mazzorna or Siwinski would both be formidable mayoral candidates. Unless there was a drastic and unexpected change in his life why in the world would he do such a thing to Mokena?
jack schranz April 13, 2013 at 06:45 PM
Any information about the WATER mixing during the drout or is that just another cover up?


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