One Airport, Two Demonstrations: Which Side Do You Support?

U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. held a symbolic groundbreaking Saturday in Peotone, while protesters against a proposed third Chicago-area airport gathered a mile away, the AP reported.

Both sides surrounding a controversial third Chicagoland airport in Will County figuratively stood their ground against one another over the weekend, according to an Associated Press report in the Chicago Tribune.


On one side was U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who held a symbolic groundbreaking on the project's proposed site in Peotone. Accompanied by pastors who blessed the land, Jackson, wearing a hardhat and standing on the back of a flatbed truck, made his case for the airport, claiming it will stimulate the economy in the south suburbs, the report stated.

On the other side were project protesters, including farmers who brought their tractors, who gathered a mile away, according to the report. They countered that the airport is unnecessary and would jeopardize family farms in the area, the report continued.


In the past few months, , county Executive Larry Walsh and .

In March, candidates for the Will County Board were surveyed regarding the airport. Here's a sampling of what they said:

  • Margo McDermed, District 12: "Appointments by those not actual stakeholders, the type of appointments in place now are completely inappropriate and illustrative of the power grab at work here."
  • Dave Izzo, District 2: "Having voiced my opposition to the airport, if an airport is going to be built, I agree with (Will County Board) Chairman Jim Moustis that it should be controlled locally by Will County."

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Is an airport outside of Peotone a good idea? Or should it be nixed? And if you support the airport, do you think it should be under county control? Take the poll and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Rob P April 24, 2012 at 08:24 PM
Biggest use for local airports is business, then vacationers. No business folks will fly there, then drive over an hour to get downtown. Also, if it is built, can you guess the law office that will be in charge of handling the airport? Just so happens the office will be owned by Jesse-Jr himself. Isn't that a helpful motivation to get this project completed. Operational or not, empty of full, his law office will be in the $.. Second scam is all the land buying that went on at the start of this project. Many properties were bought up via a business in hopes of cashing in on the sale of the land to build the airport. If it doesn't get built, they will probably walk away from the property with no loss. If it goes through, they will be lined up to sell, probably many that were involved with the project in the first place.. Major point is that none of the major airlines have agreed to open a hub there. With fuel costs, they are stretched thin with margins. Open gates at a new place, 50 miles away from a major city?? Why, when there already is access, public transportation and routes in place.
Rob P April 24, 2012 at 08:24 PM
ALSO..One big selling point is Ohare and midway are too crowded. Fly at either one morning, or dinner time and yes there will be long lines and big waits. BUT go after rush hour to either one, and you walk right up to security. Hardly a wait. What they sell is the image of huge lines 24 hours a day. Thats the farce. Despite all residents saying NO this might still be built. Only when those involved make sure their pockets get lined.. No public money will be used to build the airport.... thats the new claim. Sure, but then all the land grab buyers will be selling to themselves. Lots of money to be made in bulding this airport, not necessarily running it.. And please don't tell me 1000's of jobs will be created. The construction companies might hire some new folks, but it will basically be their crews. Only new jobs will be actually working at the airport, and many of those will be transferred from an older facility. If it was such a great idea, it would have been built years ago, with all the airlines onboard. Now its about $ and getting contracts for friends.. Oh Illinois politicians....you never fail to amaze me!
William April 26, 2012 at 02:21 PM
because the Daley's and their 1960's cronies own(ed) the land... So now it gets to be "Roads/Rails/ & RUNWAYS" for the O'bama International Airport!
Christopher Nunn June 09, 2012 at 06:53 PM
I agree with you Gary. It doesn't make sense to spend so much money to build an airport that the major airlines have already said that they will not use when we have so many alternatives already available. Since we already have at least 3 underutilized international airports at our disposal, it seems like it would make more sense to make them more accessible. It would cost a lot less and utilize less space to build high speed rail lines connecting the Will County area to other airports. Gary, IN has an international airport where flights could land tomorrow, and it already has interstate and rail access to Chicago. Rockford, IL has an international airport that has active flights. And Milwaukee, WI has an international airport that is already unofficially being called Chicago's third airport. And it also has rail access to Chicago and through Chicago to Will County. If we utilize what we already have then Peotone would really be Chicago's sixth airport.
Born Here June 11, 2012 at 02:36 PM
We don't need this airport. What we need is to find out where all the money goes. Why is Illinois broke, Madigan stating to raise suburban taxes for Chicago teachers. NO our taxes are high enough. Figure out what fat to cut out in your budget, as for a raise of 30% are you out of your mind????? Have you looked around at our economy. WI teachers did not do that. What are we the selfish state. Get a grip, we need to find out where every penny is going....be a politician, then get rich.


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