Where You Vote Now: New Polling Places in Mokena

Tomorrow is the primary, and your Will County polling place might have changed. Here are the new maps and how to find out where to cast your ballot.

You know where to vote in , right?

You actually might be wrong.

The Will County Board from 445 to 303 for this election, meaning many people will be voting at a new location tomorrow.

Will County Clerk Nancy Schultz Voots said the move was made to save up to $200,000 by having fewer election judges, field technicians and voting machines. It will, however, mean each polling place will have 1,200 to 1,300 people registered there.

People will also have to learn new polling places. And, as all districts from the county board to the U.S. Congress are redrawn every 10 years, Will County residents have a lot of new districts to learn. in the latest shuffle.

As Mokena is divided between Frankfort and New Lenox townships, we have included maps of both areas.

Check the Will County Clerk's precinct finder to find out where to vote.


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