Super Bowl Bears Gather to Show Support for McMichael for Mayor

At a campaign event Saturday, some members of the 1985 Chicago Bears said Steve "Mongo" McMichael would make a good candidate for Romeoville mayor.

Steve McMichael kicked off his campaign season Saturday surrounded by an all-star cast of Chicago Bears football legends who said their former teammate was a natural leader and a good choice for Romeoville’s next mayor.

Romeoville residents packed Mongo McMichaels restaurant to show their support for the candidate and meet and greet members of the 1985 Super Bowl Bears, including Dan Hampton, Otis Wilson, Gary Fencik, Tom Thayer, Jay Hilgenberg and Shaun Gayle.

McMichael faces incumbent Mayor John Noak and former mayor Fred Dewald in the April 9 election.

McMichael said he’s been active knocking on doors, listening to residents and taking notes. He said residents are concerned about their declining property values and the high rates of foreclosures and short sales that are affecting neighborhoods throughout the village.

He said that property is too often being taxed at the value their home was several years ago, and that residents need property tax relief.

“I’m talking about a reduction of your property taxes,” McMichael said.

McMichael also said that the village needs to stimulate business growth and aggressively market the historic Route 66 as an icon in town.

Residents have been receptive to his ideas and have agreed to post “McMichael for Mayor” campaign signs in their lawns, McMichael said.

Being surrounded by his former teammates who are showing their support for McMichael’s mayoral bid is a testament to his leadership, said McMichael’s wife Misty.

“All these '85 guys are here to support him,” she said. “If they didn’t think he’d do a good job, then they wouldn’t be here.

“We want this town run right,” Misty McMichael said.

Many of his former teammates on Saturday called McMichael a natural leader.

“He’s a great leader on and off the field,” Hilgenberg, the former Bears center, said of McMichael, adding that he is a positive motivator.

Wilson, the former linebacker, called McMichael a “hard-working, smart and caring individual.”

“These are qualities most politicians don’t have,” Wilson said. “Most politicians care about themselves. (McMichael) cares for the people.”

Gayle, a former cornerback and safety for the Bears, said McMichael is a person of “integrity.”

“It’s important to have someone in office who is trustworthy,” he said.

Tina Oberlin, a Crest Hill alderman, attended Saturday’s campaign event to show her support for McMichael, who she met through the Romeoville Lions Club.

She said McMichael once helped raise $1,000 for the Crest Hill food pantry, and she feels he is getting into politics to make a difference.

“He’s a great intellect when talking politics,” Oberlin said. “I believe he’s entering politics for the right reasons.”

Bears fan and Lockport Township Trustee Candi Thuringer, called McMichael “a good fit for Romeoville.”

“Not only is he a football legend, he is very astute when it comes to politics,” she said. “He looks towards the future and he thinks outside the box.”

Bears fans got a chance Saturday to buy footballs and shirts and have them autographed. The $50-per-person fundraiser also included appetizers and drinks. The Super Bowl Shuffle played on the radio.

Romeoville resident Tommy Torres said he supports McMichael’s candidacy.

“He’s a great guy,” Torres said. “He understands the people of Romeoville. He listens to what we have to say.”

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Rich January 23, 2013 at 03:57 AM
Funny that people think romeoville looks good, from the outside maybe, If your looking from weber rd. Try atleast 1-4 vacant/abandoned homes on atleast every 2-3 blocks that's not including over 130 just for sale in romeoville, and thats fact. i live and drive and worked in this village for over 20yrs and i cant wait to move.This isn't saying very much for this village. You can polish a turd and its still a turd.
anonymous January 23, 2013 at 03:58 PM
I agree with Rich and thomaszalewski. All this clown Nowak has done is to duplicate Weber Rd. North of 55. We have the old Jewel thats an eye sore, vacancy on Weber Rd., a Dominick's thats not long for this world, and more foreclosures and houses for sale then ever. Somone needs to step up and fix this stuff. Why do we need 3 walgreen's? The residents of romoeville deserve better. At least Mongo has a vision of a better place to live. Nowak is just going to copy other towns. Remeber who is pushing for a Meijer at Weber and Renwick, a Sam's Club next to Walmart, and who has failed to fix the top 2 dangerous intersections in Illinois. Add a history lesson here, Romeoville used to go all the way to Old Chicago which is now Bolingbrook Auto Auction, and Lockport Fire Station 3 was obtained illeagaly. That was to be the original site for Romeoville Fire Station 3, Thanks Fred! So before you attack Steve McMichael do some fact checking and see who is "qualified" to run a business.
Rich B February 07, 2013 at 05:01 PM
Came here to post exactly this. I don't care how well-intentioned or caring he may be, if he doesn't understand the basics of how the government or the Mayor's role works, I find it hard to take him seriously.
Rick Buscemi March 04, 2013 at 06:49 AM
Anonymous...... you have to be that crazy dude that talks off the wall sometimes at the town meetings. You don't fool anyone.....you have some bad past with this town and you are one of those people who believe you are owed something even though you don't give a damn about anyone but your self. Stop going to those town meetings and flapping your jaws.....tired of it. !!!!!
Lowell Wood March 10, 2013 at 03:22 AM
All the Best... What is McMichael's stance on allowing full time air traffic into and out of Lewis? Obnoxiously loud airplanes not only reduce property values but lower everyone's peace and quiet. I moved here for the peace and quiet, and you know Noak is all for expansion of Lewis airport. Also, allowing Hanson to blast deep underground when most people don't even know about it hurts our quality of living, shaking our homes (who gives them the right to do that?) and spewing dangerous levels of dust in our air. Don't forget we already have cancerous sulphur spewing out of Midwest Generation. Noak is a pretty good businessman but leaves Nottingham Ridge residents in toxic clouds full of noise and dust. If Mongo can run on these issues, he has my vote. I


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