Survey: Kosel's Constituents Want Gun Control, Income Tax Repeal

Rep. Renee Kosel (R-New Lenox) issued a nine-question survey in January that covered a wide range of issues, including job creation, income taxes, schools and more. Kosel said she'll use the feedback to "represent the district effectively."

Many Lincoln-Way area residents want more gun control, a repeal of last year's income tax hike and marijuana to remain illegal, at least according to a survey administered by Rep. Renee Kosel (R-New Lenox).

Kosel issued a nine-question survey in January that covered a wide range of issues, including job creation, income taxes, schools and more. Kosel said she'll use the feedback to "represent the district effectively."

“Hearing directly from my constituents on the issues that matter most to them and their family is an invaluable resource for me,” Kosel said in a news release.

Kosel said hundreds of constituents responded to the survey, and she noted that the tallies were not done scientifically and only reflect the opinions of those who participated in the survey.

Here are the results:

1. What issue is most important to you?

  • Jobs/economy: 22.2 percent
  • Pensions: 21.4 percent 
  • Taxes 11.7 percent
  • Balance state budget/unpaid bills: 9 percent
  • Spending/fiscal responsibility: 5 percent
  • Political corruption: 4 percent
  • Other: 24 percent

2. Do you support repeal of the 66% income tax rate increase enacted in January 2011?

  • Yes: 56.8 percent
  • No: 29.3 percent
  • Undecided: 13.9 percent

3. What do you think would be the most effective way to stimulate job growth in Illinois?

  • Tax incentives for employers: 27.4 percent
  • Lower taxes: 18.6 percent
  • Less government regulation: 8.5 percent
  • Capital/infrastructure investment: 5.5 percent
  • Support small business: 5 percent             
  • Fiscal accountability: 3.5 percent
  • Workers comp reform: 1.5 percent
  • Other: 30 percent

4. In regards to the expansion of gambling in Illinois, do you think Illinois should:

  • Create additional casinos: 45.5 percent
  • Slots at racetracks and/or at major airports: 9 percent
  • New casinos AND slots at racetracks/airports: 2 percent
  • None of the Above: 34.5 percent
  • Undecided: 9 percent

5. With respect to gun issues, do you believe we need more gun control, less gun control, or are current gun laws adequate?

  • More gun control: 49.4 percent
  • Less gun control: 38 percent
  • Current gun laws are adequate: 12.6 percent
  • More strict enforcement of gun crime sentencing provisions: 0 percent

6.      Should the state legalize marijuana?

  • Yes: 39.3 percent
  • No: 44.9 percent
  • Undecided: 15.8 percent

7. Do you believe Illinois should consider consolidating school districts?

  • Yes: 41.5 percent
  • No: 41.5 percent
  • Undecided: 17 percent

8. Do you believe township governments should be consolidated?

  • Yes: 48.5 percent
  • No: 35.5 percent
  • Undecided: 16 percent

9.  Do you support investment in constructing a high-speed rail line between Chicago and St. Louis?

  • Yes: 35 percent
  • No: 52 percent
  • Undecided: 13 percent

You can contact Kosel's district office by calling 708-479-4200 or emailing rkosel@ilga.gov.

Eleanor Wiegand March 11, 2012 at 02:21 PM
BRW: Some one or sometimes 2 or 3 people are shot every night in Chicago alone. Many more in the whole state. Yeah--lets let everyone carry a gun.
R.W.Voter March 11, 2012 at 06:30 PM
Those 2 or 3 shot in chicago and maybe many more in the state Eleanor were shot with illegal guns. Have never investigated wrongdoing by a legal gun owner. If you don't want one, you don't have to have one. Simple, but if you look at the sales figures in the area on gun sales, a whole lot of people feel safer in this state owning a firearm. And They are Safer.
D Tanner March 15, 2012 at 02:30 PM
Eleanor Wiegand Those shootings will likely go down when thugs who mug rape kill etc have to think twice that the girl jogging,guy driving the car they want to carjack etc may be able to protect themselves now. sure there is cases when a gun owner who legally conceals still gets shot mugged rapped etc but at least you have a fighting chance. for example which house do you think would get robbed one that could have a alarm system or one that for sure doesn't have a alarm.
Don Petersen March 15, 2012 at 04:49 PM
I love questions like the one on gun control. If you asked the majority of the respondents "what the gun laws are now?", they have no idea! They equate the gang bangers in Chicago and the target shooters in Kankakee as "Gun Owners". Talk about your "low involvement" voters! But then again this is the same brain trust that elected Blago twice and would probably vote for him again if Madigan put him on the ballot tomorrow.
BRW March 15, 2012 at 05:55 PM
Eleanors reponse is typical of the uniformed. I guess some people just can't believe that the gun crime in Shi@cago is caused by illegal guns. Okay, I'll tell you all a secret...all of the legal gun owners go up to the city each night and shoot people just for kicks because paper targets are so boring. Some nights we all can't make it so there are less killings on that day. THERE, our secret is out. Its not the gangs or anything, we are doing it..the law-abiding, legally registered gun owners are the culprits...Are you happy now Eleanor?


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