Village Board Signs Off On Final Bills For Fiscal Year

Village Administrator John Downs highlights two items on the final budget approval for the fiscal year, while outlining where some money is earmarked for the coming fiscal year.

The 's fiscal year came to an end June 25, but not before the board members approved some final spending for the year. 

Among the payments, were the village's annual water leak survey and the restriping of the southern half of Wolf Road. 

“Those were the only two notable items, Mayor,” said Village Administrator John Downs said during the meeting. “I would recommend the approval of the special accounts payable in the amount of $66,248.40.”

Downs added that during the new fiscal year, which began Tuesday, June 26, the Village is planning to continue the restriping of Wolf Road. He also said that the water leak survey detected only some minor leaks, but that the survey saved the Village money in the long-run, as it will prevent major leaks down the line.


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