Mokena Home Sales Up 27.3% as Chicago Area Hits Six-Year High

The village's real estate market grew in September as the bulk of the Chicago area saw a bump in year-over-year comparisons. Check out the numbers and tell us what you think it means for the local housing market.

Home sales in the Chicago area during September were at a six-year high, according to a recent RE/MAX report—and most of the Southland saw a similar boost.

Mokena experienced growth, with a 27.3 percent increase in the number of homes sold, from 11 homes sold in September 2011 to 14 homes sold in September 2012.

Average sale price, however, dropped 20.6 percent, from $315,318 in September 2011 to $250,285 in September 2012.

Tinley Park saw the greatest increase in the area, with the number of homes sold increasing 107.1 percent in September 2012 over September 2011, according to the Mainstreet Organization of Realtors (MORe). The average price of those homes sold jumped by 24.8 percent year over year.

Palos Hill's market was the most sluggish, with the number of homes sold falling 42.9 percent in September 2012 compared to September 2011. (The sample size in Palos Hills, however, was small, with four homes sold in 2012 and seven sold in 2011.)

Across the Chicago area, the number of homes sold in September rose by 22 percent over September 2011, according to RE/MAX. At 7,396 transactions, it was the busiest September for home sales since 2006. 

“We continue to see good news in the Chicagoland housing market,” said Laura Ortoleva, media spokeswoman for the RE/MAX Northern Illinois real estate network. “Sales are up, average days on the market continue to drop and home prices are stabilizing. These are trends everyone likes to see.”

# of homes sold Avg. price Town 2012 2011 % change 2012 2011 % change CHICAGO HEIGHTS 19 12 58.3% 47,468 47,116 0.8% EVERGREEN PARK 17 18 -5.6% 120,617 131,355 -8.2% FLOSSMOOR 10 9 11.1% 155,600 257,055 -39.5% FRANKFORT 19 16 18.8% 328,805 331,031 -0.7% HOMEWOOD 14 11 27.3% 105,942 116,444 -9% MOKENA 14 11 27.3% 250,285 315,318 -20.6% NEW LENOX 30 15 100% 235,225 264,710 -11.1% OAK FOREST 15 13 15.4% 162,733 168,284 -3.3% OAK LAWN 33 33 0% 181,400 162,848 11.4% ORLAND PARK 22 19 15.8% 275,318 283,942 -3% PALOS HEIGHTS 8 5 60% 254,612 340,400 -25.2% PALOS HILLS 4 7 -42.9% 173,682 214,257 -18.9% PALOS PARK 7 4 75% 262,000 303,915 -13.8% TINLEY PARK 29 14 107.1% 229,024 183,507 24.8%

SOURCE: Mainstreet Organization of Realtors

YOUR TURN: What do you think these numbers say about the housing market in Tinley? Is it on the upswing for the long haul? Or is this just a short-term blip? Share you thoughts in the comments section. 


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Eric Blair October 17, 2012 at 11:53 AM
Of course home sales are up, including new home construction, the "Fed" is buying the mortgages with a few clicks on their computers. More fake 'cyber money' and a repeat of the savings and loan scandal of the 80's. The banks process the loans, take all the associated fees then dump the loan on the back of the existing national debt/deficit to be paid for by our kids. Nothing fundamentally has changed since this downfall began in '07-'08. Not only is the original debt still here more has been piled on top of that, with no end in sight. The PTB (Powers That Be) are again inflating the debt bubble that will sooner rather than later end in disaster for all of us


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