26 Lincoln-Way East Athletes Commit to College Sports

Check out who's going where in this round of college signings.

Thursday, May 8 signing ceremony.
Thursday, May 8 signing ceremony.

Twenty-six student athletes from Lincoln-Way East High school are ready to take their skills to the college level.

“This is a special day for us,” Lincoln-Way East Athletic Director Mark Vander Kooi told the college-bound students who were joined in the Griffins Lair by their parents, coaches and fellow teammates.

“This has been a good year for East student athletes. A total of 38 students this  2013-2014 school year have been given scholarships to compete in their sport at the next level,” Vander Kooi added.

Three ceremonies were held to accommodate the 26 student’s schedules for the Letter of Intent signing ceremonies. Two were held on Wednesday, May 7; one before school and one after school, and one was held on Thursday May 8 after school.

“These student athletes have worked very hard to get where they’re at,” Vander Kooi stated. “We congratulate them for earning this opportunity to compete at the college level.”  

East student athletes recognized on Wednesday morning before school for signing Letters of Intent were:

Marcus Cosby, football, Iowa State Community College

Tyrone Suggs, football, Tennessee State University

Scott Kresal, football, Robert Morris University

Anthony Sciarini, football, Illinois Wesleyan University

Devin Stewart, football, Millikin University


Student athletes recognized on Wednesday after school for signing Letters of Intent were:

Sarah Esposito, softball, North Central College

Aaron Donald, baseball, South Suburban College

Kris Kirchhoff soccer, Dubuque University

Alan Hernandez, soccer, Millikin University

Meghan Marias, track and field, University of Michigan

Alexis Hyshaw, track and field, Northern Illinois University

Angelica Bravo, cross country, Millikin University

Tyler Kelly, golf, Spalding University

Tom Emola, tennis, Millikin University


East student athletes that were recognized on Thursday for signing Letters of Intent were:

Adam Abdallah, baseball, United States Air Force Academy

Matt Contey, golf, Moraine Valley Community College

Amanda Cosco, cheerleading, Illinois State University

Jessica Halyko, cheerleading, University of Iowa

Austin Jenig, soccer, Eastern Illinois University

Kaitlin McWatters, cheerleading, Illinois State University

Josh Phalen, volleyball, Grand Canyon University

Karoline Pirko, golf, Carroll University

Austin Royer, volleyball, St. Ambrose University

Mallory Stegmueller, soccer, St. Ambrose University

Nate Van Dellen, volleyball, Lindenwood University

Ryan Vorderer, volleyball, Lindenwood University

“We would like to acknowledge our coaches who put in the dedication and effort for helping to make this day possible for our student athletes. We of course thank our parents for all their support of their students and all the time they dedicate to helping their children succeed,” said Vander Kooi.

“Go and represent Lincoln-Way East with pride and honor in your college sports,” Vander Kooi told the student athletes at the end of each program.

Pictured in photos, students are:

Wednesday, May 7, large group:
Front row, seated, left to right: Sarah Esposito, Aaron Donald, Kris Kirchhoff, and Alan Hernandez. (Standing, left to right) Meghan Marias, Angelica Bravo, Tyler Kelly, and Tom Emola. 

Wednesday, May 7, small group:
Standing, left to right: Marcus Cosby, Tyrone Suggs; sitting, left to right; Scott Kresal, Anthony Sciarini, Devin Stewart. Student athletes are ready to take their skills to the college level

Thursday, May 8:

Seated, left to right: Austin Royer, Jessica Halyko, Kaitlin McWatters, Amanda Cosco, Austin Jenig, and Karoline Pirko. Students standing, left to right: Josh Phalen, Ryan Vorderer, Nate Van Dellen, Adam Abdallah, Matt Conte, and Karoline Pirko. 


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