Back to School: What Do You Think About the New D161 Boundaries?

The 2012-13 school year brings new boundaries for the Summit Hill district. Do you know what school your child is attending?

The school year is right around the corner, and Patch is making sure parents and students have the information they need before the first class starts.

One of the biggest aftershocks caused by the closing of Mary Drew Elementary School in February was the restructuring of the school boundaries for .

In March, the D161 board reworked the boundaries with an eye to distributing students so the district could maximize capacity in all of its schools, Supt. Barb Rains said at the time. The new boundaries were presented to the recently formed superintendent's advisory committee before they were brought before the school board.

Do you know what school your child is going to this school year? The above map outlines the new boundaries.

  • Purple area: Students will attend
  • Green area: Students will attend
  • Red area: Students will attend
  • Orange area: Students will attend

What do you think about the new boundaries? Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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Informed II August 03, 2012 at 01:21 PM
Not only is our kids now being sent to a new school, they took away bus service as well when bus service was offered previously beause we now are under the 1.5 mile rule. Now our kids have to walk on the streets of North Avenue in the winter because for about a 1/4 mile east of 80th Ave. no one shovels the sidwalks on North Avenue but I guess this is not a dangerous enough situation for bus service. Why does SD161 not offer parents the ability to pay for bus service where it is not allowed like other districts? That would at least help some even though one shouldn't have to when they pay the same in taxes as the people that get bus service. IDIOT, I mean IDOT seems to have put a discriminatory practice in place and the boards follow suit because of financial reasons even though we can now spend $20,000 to work on expanding the Rogus parking lot. Quite disturbing when that is our newest school and supposedly we don't have any money. Other disctricts charge about $200 to $300 for the year if you are within the 1.5 miles. Has this even been looked at by the board?


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