D122 Makes Personnel Changes, Honors Teams

The New Lenox school board met March 21 and also discussed AM/PM kindergarten boundaries and a new technology lease.

Although state funding has forced the New Lenox school district to reduce personnel over the last eight years, administrators said Wednesday that there won't be a reduction in force for certified staff this year.

Instead, District 122 will be releasing a part-time special education teacher, but that's because of a decrease in enrollment and not because of needed cuts.

"That's pretty typical for a part-time position," Manville said.

The school board also approved an "honorable dismissal" of technology teacher Ann Magdziasz. Glenda Fahey, who currently works out of the district office as the instructional technology coordinator, will fill the position at Martino.

Supt. Mike Sass said in a news release that move is part of "continuing efforts to provide more efficient delivery of services at a reduced cost."

In contrast, , though retirements and other moves resulted in just one teacher being terminated.

Another teacher was dismissed based on performance.

he following teachers will retire at the end of this school year: Barb James (Oakview); Linda Parker (Oakview); Sue Reyelts (Tyler/Bentley); Janet Toepke (Haines); David Ulstad (Bentley); and Diane Wilson (Nelson Prairie).

AM/PM Kindergarten: Now that all kindergarten classes will be housed in Spencer Trail, the district needed to redo its boundaries to determine AM and PM classes. Students in the old Spencer boundary will attend the AM session, and those in the Cherry Hill boundary will be in the PM session. A full list can be found on the district website.

Technology Lease: The board approved a technology lease agreement for an annual cost of $385,692. This is already covered in the leasing/hardware acquisition budget. It allows the district to bring in brand new computers for teachers and students.

Building Projects: A bid was awarded to Replacement Window Systems for $154,118 to pay for the replacement windows at Bentley School, which was high on the district's priority list of building projects. The board also authorized the district to go forward with a grant application to receive $50,000 from the state for school maintenance. The district would put the money toward the $962,302 project to replace the water piping at Bentley.

Teams Honored: Liberty Junior High sent two teams to state this year: the eighth-grade boys basketball team, which placed fourth in state, and the seventh-grade girls volleyball team, which finished in the top eight. Both made school history by winning sectionals for the first time.

NLMom March 25, 2012 at 12:33 AM
There are less senior teachers than Ann Magdziasz in the district and at Martino. It really makes one wonder if the connections that exist for some are in play here,and there are connections that do indeed exist.
hmm March 25, 2012 at 01:29 AM
Michael ask for the info and dig, if not FOIA it. Step it up other area papers are always digging for info on schools lets step up our game here and get more info! There's probably more to this story as we see in many many other area schools NLmom is that how these things are decided? By seniority? You seem to be aware of connections within the district(?)...... It wouldn't surprise me, as there is as much political bs in local school districts as there is in Chicago and it wouldn't surprise me if the corruption was there too
Michael Sewall March 25, 2012 at 02:11 AM
@hmm -- I do follow up regularly on school issues. This was a story after the meeting, and post-meeting stories generally do require follow-up. I'll be following up on this as I do other issues. I will ask about the impact on student/teacher ratio, but my understanding is that there would be little impact. That's because the part-time teacher was let go based on lower enrollment, and the technology teacher position is being replaced by someone previously working in the district office.
hmm March 25, 2012 at 02:34 AM
There were 10 teaching positions along with other non-teaching positions eliminated last year and if they do not replace retirees this yr that's another 6 plus their half time special Ed teacher and do position that is replacing a teacher(?) that's numerous cuts over the past few years, this has to be impacting our kids. Plus all this biz with Quinn wanting to push teachers pensions on local districts has to have a huge impact on us. Let's make sure the right decisions are being made by sass and the board. Let's make sure they are all being transparent!
Lenoxfam March 26, 2012 at 07:00 PM
It must be politics. My daughter and her friends were saddened to find out this year that one of their favorite teachers was gone. My guess it's all about who likes who more and not about who's really the best teacher.


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