D159 Leaders: What Were They Paid in 2012?

Administration for Mokena School District 159 leads the district's students, staff and faculty throughout the year. Take a look at what those leaders earned during FY2012—and what they could potentially earn in FY2013.

As the budget deficit for District 159 dwindles, salaries for district administrators could see a bump in the next fiscal year, according to the district's proposed budget for FY2013.

Although the board has yet to approve the new budget, board members got a glimpse during its July 18 meeting.

Included in the preliminary budget, were the proposed salaries for district administrators, including Superintendent Steve Stein, Assistant Superindent of Instruction Dr. Charles Vitton, the open Business Manager position and more.

Below are the FY2012 unaudited salaries for all administrators and the proposed salaries for the FY2013 year. Note that the salary of the Director of Student services reflects only 120 days of work, and not the entire year for FY2012. The FY2013 number reflects an entire year of work within the district.

Stein noted that all salaries within the district, excluding his, are being raised by at least 2 percent. 

"What the board agreed to, and this was in the board packet a month or so ago, was a 2-percent incresase for non-certified staff," Stein said. "That reflects the same increase that the teachers will be getting for next year. Then for administrators that have been in the district, excluding myself ... they also receive a 2-percent increase, as well."

Position FY2012 Salary Projected FY2013 Salary Superintendent $120,000 $130,000 Assistant Superintendent of Instruction $105,000 $109,502 Director of Business Operations $79,550 $100,000 Director of Student Services $60,000 $100,000 Director of Technology $55,000 $56,1000 Director of Transportation $52,447 $54,225 Director of Food Services $37,669 $38,999 Director of Building and Grounds $62,294 $63,540

All budgeted numbers for the FY13 are still awaiting approval by the Board of Education and are subject to change. 

It's me... August 01, 2012 at 05:57 PM
I say get rid of the very rude secretary at MES! Why is it you have to feel unwelcome in your child's school? That would be one salary gone.
It's me... August 01, 2012 at 05:59 PM
If these people go anywhere else they'll see it's the same all over! The state has cut so much and the parents/taxpayers are the one's flipping the bill! How much more can the taxpayer pay? I don't know about you but, my family isn't wealthy!
It's me... August 01, 2012 at 06:02 PM
They want all these increases in salaries, but our fees have gone up, things have been taken away and now we have to pay for bus service! Bring back one of these things before giving someone making over 100,000 already a raise.
C. Martinez August 01, 2012 at 06:19 PM
Hey everyone, please encourage your neighbors, friends and family to come out to the school board meeting tonight. This is important and we need to encourage the board to do the right thing.
Johnny on the spot August 02, 2012 at 11:15 PM
All over paid for the work they perform or ............... not perform ,seems to me why we need all the secretaries in the summer months and why every-time I pass MIS the lady in the red truck a school vehicle is smoking with three other janitors by the dumpsters closest to the library so much for the no smoking on school grounds Moores is always griping about and how come they can smoke in government vehicles because they all make close to $60k plus a year that why come on we have three buildings less then 700,000 square feet in all and we need all these foreman a director an assistant director with no jump in enrollment .The no brainer here is cut these people and give that money back to the children or better yest shave about a half- million and bring in a cleaning service like they do in #157 Frankfort look at that district they don't cut programs for the kids hummmmmmmmmmm wonders why we have so many chiefs and not enough Indians .Oh yeah to the foreman how is that new cement driveway they poured for you when they also poured the new sidewalks at the schools same cement trucks at both places at the same date and times some-one tell em there was not some kind of under the table deal is I 'll get you the job if you pour my new driveway as well yeah there is no favoritism going on here.Stein when you gonna interview Barb Germany for the open spot of business manager your pal's right ??? secrets shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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