D159 Board Pre-approves Payment of End of the Year Bills

District 159 preapproved payment of bills for the final two weeks of the current fiscal year, although there was some discussion about what is being preapproved for payment. Board members stressed "nothing out of the ordinary," be approved.

As the fiscal year comes to a close in , bills will still need to be paid. With that in mind, the Board of Education preapproved the payment of bills for the remainder of the year—but with a few caveats.

During discussion on preapproving payment of the upcoming bills, acting Board President Patrick Markham made it a point to stress that the board was approving only normal bills, and nothing “out of the ordinary.” The decision covers typical district expenditures, including employee payroll and utilities. 

The board's meeting schedule prevents discussion of any pending bills at a later date prior to the end of the fiscal year. 

While the board discussed the matter, board member Mike Ford said that there was no need on holding off, or not paying bills on time. He added that he has faith that district staff and administration will not do anything “underhanded,” with the preapproval.

“This is an annual process that happens, especially when we haven't had a meeting late in the month to give the approval, prior to the end of the year to close out the books,” Ford said.

After the meeting, Markham expounded on exactly what “normal bills,” and “out of the ordinary,” things were.

“We'll pay our regular bills and our utilities, regular operations,” Markham said. “No major expenditures out of the ordinary, monthly operating procedures. … Giving the preapproval allows the administration to approve any bill on their desk, with no oversight. I'd like to try and see that we have as much oversight that we can.”

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R.W.Voter June 22, 2012 at 12:53 PM
As I posted yesterday, it was noticed that the Board was not going to rubber stamp all of the bills submitted. Much like other government agencies, the attitude is, if we don't spend what we have, we will lose it. Well, lets change that, maybe we will end up with a surplus one of these days. Thank you Mr. Markham and most of the others present.
Johnny on the spot June 23, 2012 at 06:26 PM
Finally there ia light at the end of the tunnel .No more referendum talk is needed .The board minus Peters and Moore are back on track once again to get us in the black .I see Moore really cares about what area she represents as she had to speak from the box again way to represent your community Moore!!!!!!Thank you John T. Pat M. Mike F. Joe S. and Mark F. way to be there for us taxpayers Kudos to you .


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