L-W East Students Cool Their (Bare) Heels to Support Cause

Despite the cold temperatures and windy conditions, participants turned out Tuesday for the One Day Without Shoes event at the school, which raised awareness for kids worldwide who can't afford shoes.

When it came to organizing 's One Day Without Shoes event Tuesday, sophomore Molly Noonan took a certain amount of pride with how all the elements fell into place.

Well, almost all of the elements.

"It was really nice to see everything to come together," said Noonan, who organized the event with classmates and friends Heather Lorenca and Katie Shaw. "Everything went really smoothly, except for the weather."

Cold temperatures and strong winds created less than ideal conditions for the more than two dozen participants, mostly students, who came out to L-W East's agricultural area to kick off their shoes raise awareness of the millions of underprivileged children worldwide who are injured and contract diseases because they can't afford their own shoes.


The L-W East affair coincided with the national One Day Without Shoes event, which was created by TOMS Shoes, the socially conscious shoe manufacturer that donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for each pair it sells.

"We all came out to support the cause, and it's a nice way to spend spring break," said senior Megan Win, explaining why she and her friends participated. "It's not something that's done too often. It's kind of unique."

Added sophomore Nicole Perozzi, who attended with her older sister, Maria, a senior: "I wish more people were out here. I wish it were warmer, too."

Although it deterred some people from coming out and going barefoot, Noonan said the cold weather provided a valuable perspective for some of the participants.

"A few of them actually told me that the whole thing made them think about (the cause) more because it was more of a challenge to keep their shoes off the whole time because it was so cold," she said.

Despite Tuesday's meteorological misfire, Noonan said she was pleased with how the event turned out and would like to do it again next year. But if there is a repeat performance, she said she'll make sure there's an indoor alternative and plan better for the weather.

"I think it was really cool to see people go barefoot in a place you wouldn't normally see them do that. In a place they'd be wearing shoes," she said.

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