Names in the News: D159 Board President Mulls Business Manager Role

John Troy, current District 159 School Board President, would apply for the district's vacant business manager position. Troy told Patch the position would be an ideal fit for him, and he is ready to relinquish his role as president.

, current school board president John Troy has already openly expressed interest in the position.

Although abrupt, the timing of Hendrick's resignation was "nearly perfect" for Troy, he said. A lawyer with an engineering degree from the University of Illinois and a master's in business administration, Troy is wrapping up certification as a chief school business official at Northern Illinois University.

Troy added that he feels his schooling and experience within the district make him a prime candidate to fill the position, should the board see fit.

“This is my career choice, it's what I've gone to school for,” Troy said. “If I could serve the district in that capacity, I'd be more than happy to do that.”


For more on this story, and how parents within the district feel about the news, . 


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