Rides, Games and Fun: There's a Carnival Coming to Mokena

The Mokena School District 159 Board of Education recently approved a carnival that will feature rides, games and food for attendees, to be held at Mokena Elementary School May 17–20. Will you get in on the fun?

Break out the cotton candy and get ready to try your luck for a few prizes—the carnival is coming to town.

Mokena is abuzz with news of acarnival at l scheduled for May 17–20. The school board approved the festivities in a 5-to-2 vote during its April 12 meeting.

Board members Kathy Moore and Scott Peters voted against the carnival, although Moore said she wasn't against the carnival, just the timing.

“I'm not against one, I'm against making the decision with no information and very little time to plan, Moore said.

She added that her concerns stemmed from a lack of knowledge about exactly how much the carnival will cost, data that she said she had previously requested.

Peters' worries stemmed mainly from the carnival possibly taking away from students' outdoor recess and activity time, along with costs to the district for various related issues.

“There's a lot of intangibles here, we're trying to shove something into this time frame that I don't agree with,” Peters said.

Despite Moore and Peters' misgivings about the carnival, board president John Troy said that the school district will use the carnival to help build a stronger relationship with the Mokena community.

Troy added that although the carnival is somewhat undefined, he hopes it will continue to grow after a positive first year.

“There are a lot of issues with the carnival, and I think this is going to be a work in progress,” Troy said. “It is my hope and desire that the carnival be an on going thing. ... In the future, I think this is something, once we've done it, that the PTA and MEF should be doing these types of activities. This will be a learning experience for the board.”

Currently the carnival has 14 sponsors lined up, with total donations from the totaling $4,050. Among the sponsors already lined up for the carnival are: Jersey Mikes Sandwiches, , , , the Chicago Bulls and the Chicago White Sox.

tess May 01, 2012 at 12:34 PM
Shouldn't the focus be about the children by providing them with something they will enjoy? Sure, it's short notice, but sometimes the less planning time you have, the better the event. My kindergartener - and all the other students at MES - are going to truly love this! Please ... turn this into an annual end-of-school-year tradition! But please....do not turn this into a sponsor-wanting-to-make-a-push for you to "buy" something from them. I do not want to see a get-to-know-my business vendor fair where businesses hand out their brochures. I want to see lots of GAMES and PRIZES, plus traditional carnival food for kids of all ages! See you there!
reasonable May 01, 2012 at 12:56 PM
I agree with you Tess! I hope we aren't bumbarded with the local businesses trying to get our money. We know they are here... they get our support and we appreciate them supporting the kids too! This should be about the kids not an advertising gimmick. I love the idea of this being an end of the year tradition for the kids to always look forward to. It gives them something to be even more excited about! I hope next year (if this happens again) it can be done as an after school ends celebration.
Don Labriola May 02, 2012 at 02:57 AM
Kudos Tess. Starting a tradition like an end of the year carnival is a great idea. Gives the kids something to look forward to on those cold January school days.


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