WANTED: Business Manager for D159

The search for a new Business Manager in the Mokena Public School District 159 continues after former Business Manager Kirt Hendrick resigned at the end of July.

As the prepares to interview candidates for during a closed session on Saturday, Aug. 11, administrators also continue another search—for a new district business manager.

The seat remains vacant after

District Superintendent Steve Stein and board members are currently conducting a search for a fulltime replacement for Hendrick. They hope to fill the role by September.

“We haven't had any interviews yet, the board is still looking through applications,” Stein said. “We haven't been overwhelmed by [the number of] applications, but we've gotten quite a few.”

Stein said that the job opening was posted on the Illinois Association of School Administrators website, however he was unsure if it was posted on the District's site. He added that since it is so late in the summer, finding the exact candidate to fill the role could be tricky.

“As you get deeper in the summer, it's hard to find people with those qualifications,” Stein said.

Stein said he was confident that the District will find the right person for the job and was hopeful they would be in place by the second Board of Education meeting in September.


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R.W.Voter August 10, 2012 at 01:44 PM
How about getting one that knows how to balance a budget? That would be different wouldn't it.
C. Martinez August 10, 2012 at 03:19 PM
So does that mean that the job opening is no longer posted on the IASA website or is it still there? I've checked daily on the district website (since the position has been open) and it is not posted on the district website. Will be be posted there anytime soon?
Lauren Traut (Editor) August 10, 2012 at 03:23 PM
It is not posted on the district website, and it has been pulled from the IASA website. There are no plans to post it on the district website, as far as we know.
C. Martinez August 10, 2012 at 03:48 PM
It seems a bit odd to me. The job posting has never been posted on the D159 website and it's been only posted on the IASA website for about a month (maybe even less than that) then pulled off? I don't understand how we are suppose to get a good number of qualified candidates for the board to interview? And yet the only person I know that is applying for this position is Mr. John Troy (who resigned as President of the School Board) to specifically apply for this Director of BO position. If this position is suppose to get a 25.71% salary increase (going from $79,550.00 to $100,000.00) we should be making sure that we find the most qualified person that has no pre-existing ties to the board. This morning I was reading in a newspaper a reader poll titled, "Do you agree with John Troy's decision to resign as school board president?" 68% said, "NO, I would like to see someone without ties to the board hired as business manager." I urge the board to seriously take into consideration the communities input in the hiring process. Parents and Community Members, I urge you to come out to the next school board meeting WEDNESDAY AUGUST 15th 7:00PM MES Band Room. We need to come to these meetings and support the board and administration to make the best decisions for our kids, teachers and schools. Please come to the next board meeting.
R.W.Voter August 11, 2012 at 12:37 AM
Please lets don't forget the taxpayers.
R.W.Voter August 11, 2012 at 01:31 AM
This position is presently on the books for $100,000, it previously had paid 79,550. It is my understanding that Mr. Troy is willing to take the job for $65,000 and also will accept additional duties. I can't think of any other that would do that. Mr. Troy has a stake in the community and I think we would definitely get our moneys worth. He has done well with the board, he will keep the education standards up and try to keep the costs down so at least we don't end up with the problems of overspending like we did in the past. I say give him a try, thank you.
Johnny on the spot August 11, 2012 at 02:10 AM
Maybe if you conducted a more one sided poll the numbers be more huh Lets do whats best !!! Was it or was it not John Troy and the new board who Helped reduce the deficit spending that was out of control .The Perry Circus that was in town remember???? As long as we are on the subject i had attended numerous meetings and also filed FOI request for answers and every time that Hendrick guy got up to speak he spoke in circles I think he may have been the ring master get it circles????Have you ever spoken or sat down with a board member and asked them what their specific agendas was I have and John has and is going to school for this same type of position for a couple of years now ,look at a few years back when he ran he had mentioned his goals one of which was this .Troy is not looking for a handout he has run a successful business for years and also ran this school into the position where we are seeing black in many areas instead of the Moore and Peters red of spend spend spend .Get a grip I spoke with many members of different school boards over the last few weeks and they all said Troy was well qualified ,go over to Lincolnway #210 and speak with Willy about him you might be amazed and if you opened your eyes you might even see the true leadership John Troy brings to the table .
Johnny on the spot August 11, 2012 at 02:10 AM
Oh yeah a few weeks back Stein was talking to the clown over at the Junior high who then blabbed it to a parent in front of me that they both wanted Barb Germany back in the schools so now that this is no longer hidden you might want to check out that Germany and her school was put on the state watch list because of her arrogant spending and almost tripling the deficit there oh wait that school did get taken over by the state is it because her Job is in jeopardy and her buddies are looking out for her ??????? Stop the charades and lets get someone who has the people's confidence already Stein do the right thing and look out for the kids its because of them your all are over paid in the first place if not for them you would be unemployed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mokena children first Mokena # 159 admin bottom of the list when have you ever heard one of our teachers or admin's state they take a pay cut for the kids well???????????????????
R.W.Voter August 11, 2012 at 02:30 AM
It has come to my attention that John Troy will accept the job at the salary of $65,000 a year not as previously paid at approximately 80,000 or the new salary of 100,000 dollars, how can't you consider that offier. He will accept other duties as well. He has done well for the community in the past and will continue. We need a balanced budget now and forever, or wel will never survive Springfield cuts. I say give him a try. Thank you
carole August 11, 2012 at 04:03 PM
I'm sure that Mr. Troy is a nice man and has donated many hours to 159 which I say thank you,but this is not an easy position as it involves many regulations. Unfortunately these are not taught in college so to employ someone that is new and never worked in this position is concerning. This is a troubled school district and needs someone with experience. Maybe that has been our problem in the past and it has certainly been a revolving door for whatever reason. I trust that someone will be employed that will not throw up their hands and walk off but have creative and financial solutions which they have experienced before.
C. Martinez August 11, 2012 at 04:19 PM
If Mr. John Troy will accept the Director of Business Operations position at $65,00.00 salary, then I applaud and the school board/administration and Mr. John Troy to coming to a reasonable agreement. This is a positive step and will benefit the kids, teachers and schools. I can only base my opinions on what information is given to the public (via Patch, Mokena Messenger and Southtown Star), talking with other parents, what is and is not posted on the D159 website, and what I hear at the school board meetings. So Mr. "Johnny on the spot" I would love for us to get together, talk, share what we know and get to better understand what is going on and encourage the school board/administration to continue to make positive steps forward. I am available mostly evenings but would LOVE the opportunity to meet with my neighbors to discuss these matters and continue to show up at the school board meetings. We can agree to disagree so long as we continue to come attend the school board meeting. We shouldn't be fighting among ourselves and it's a poor example for our kids. So if I've offended anyone here then I do apologize. What's most important to me, is to get parents and community members aware of what's going on in D1569, get involved, communicate, start dialogues, participate and support the board/administration/teachers to take positive steps forward that will benefit our kids. That's the bottom line. Coffee talk anytime in the evening. LMK.
C. Martinez August 11, 2012 at 04:24 PM
I read that poll from the Mokena Messenger. They did the poll, not me.
Johnny on the spot August 11, 2012 at 06:01 PM
Well then what is the board waiting for ??? lets give Troy a Try????
Andrew August 11, 2012 at 06:43 PM
@ the patch, I wish you would do more in-depth reporting and check your facts. It really doesn’t take much to report accurate information. It would be very easy for you or anyone else for that matter to pick up the phone and call the district to get all the answers that you want or better yet just get on your computer. It took me all of five minutes to find out Mr. Hendricks’ salary is $88,000 dollars. Look at the district website – select About 159 Tab-select Finance Tab-select Administrative Salaries. You reported that he was hired about a year ago so I looked at the meeting minutes back then on their website and yep there it is in the Aug 4, 2011 minutes, $88K. I have never seen administrator jobs posted on the district website, including the principals that were just hired and the business manager position when Mr. Hendricks was hired, I don’t know why, but again its easy to find out just pick up the phone call the district and ask them, otherwise your reporting does little more than propagate absurd conspiracy theories.
C. Martinez August 12, 2012 at 04:42 AM
I would love to get a parent/community group started. There is one in Orland Park already established called CARE135 (Citizens Acting Responsibly for Education) MISSION: Care135 is an organization whose aim is to forge and maintain a working relationship between the community, School District 135, and the Board of Education. VISION: Care135 will liaise between the community at large, the Board of Education, and School District 135 to encourage the effective and efficient use of the district’s financial, human and technological resources. GOALS: Increase transparency between all parties. Promote horizontal decision making. Advance technology in the classroom. Decrease bureaucracy where it exists to protect special interests. Promote and endorse candidates for the Board of Education. If anyone would be interested in participating/starting a CARE MOKENA group, please let me know. I think this would be a great thing for our community. If interested email me at caremokena@comcast.net
KC August 12, 2012 at 09:39 PM
That's awfully noble for Mr Troy to be willing to take $65K from the taxpayers when he has no experience. How about hire him for 39K like a new teacher? That would save even more money! Come on guys, think outside the box and save US some money!
C. Martinez August 13, 2012 at 04:16 PM
SCHOOL BOARD MEETING - WEDNESDAY AUGUST 15TH 7:00PM - MES/BAND ROOM Meeting Agenda http://www.mokena159.org/Schoolboard/Agendas/2012/Agenda%20for%20august%2015%20%202012.pdf Information Report http://www.mokena159.org/Schoolboard/Packets/2012/August/15/back.pdf Budget Worksheet http://www.mokena159.org/Schoolboard/Packets/2012/August/15/Front.pdf If you are unable to click on above links, you can download them from the District's page here. http://www.mokena159.org/Schoolboard/Meetings.html ____________________________________________________________ PARENT / TEACHER ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETING - TOPIC FOR REVIEW: UPDATING ANTI-BULLYING POLICY - THURSDAY AUGUST 16ST 7:00PM - MOKENA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ROOM S126 Agenda http://www.mokena159.org/Schoolboard/Committees/ParentAdvisory/agenda/2012/Parent-advisory%20agenda08-16-12-v1%20(2).pdf If you are unable to click on above links, you can download them from the District's page here. http://www.mokena159.org/Schoolboard/Committees/ParentAdvisory/C_Parent.html Thanks.


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