WATCH: Say Hello to New Mokena Intermediate Principal, Eric Melnyczenko

Hired July 1, new MIS principal Eric Melnyczenko has spent his time learning the ins and outs of his new building and is eagerly awaiting the first day of school.

There's another new face in and he's just around the corner from fellow newcomer, . principal Eric Melnyczenko started the same day as Kirchner—July 1—and is currently getting his feet wet at MIS while waiting for the school year to begin.

“It's been great [starting at MIS] … I've just been kind of going through things back here, learning handbooks, procedures and policies,” Melnyczenko said. “I'm looking forward to the first day of school.”

Melnyczenko was formerly an assistant principal in Lansing, and before that a math teacher in Steager. He earned a bachelor's degree in elementary education and master's degree from Governor's State University. He is also currently pursing his doctorate at Purdue University.

“I always had good grades and honor roll and all that good stuff,” he said. “[School] has always been fun for me.”

Coming into Mokena, Melnyczenko said that he is excited begin the school year and apply his brand of leadership skills and dedication to education within the school.

As for his goals for the coming year, Melnyczenko said he has heard of the trials and tribulations from last year—including bullying and the near closure of the school—and hopes to put those issues in the past and move toward a brighter future.

“Last year happened, [MIS] is better for it. This is where I'd like us to go, it's somewhere I think we can go,” he said. “Will you allow me to guide us there? I'm not going to be the tugboat pulling everyone, I want us to be like a viking boat, all rowing in the same direction.”

For more about Melnyczenko, watch Patch's video interview, in which he talks about his past, the future of MIS, and what he's been doing since he started July 1.


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