Check Out the Burros' New Field

After a dispute with the park district left the Mokena Burros without a field, the group will rent the lot where Meijer was supposed to go. But what will it take to get the field ready for the kids?

Once the grass turns green and the weather turns warm, the field at the south of the Mokena Marketplace strip mall will become the home for Mokena Burros football, flag and cheer.

A dispute with came to a head last week when the district would not sign a rental agreement for the use of football fields unless the 49-year-old program changed its leadership.

On Friday, the Burros announced they would rent an empty, 15-acre lot at Route 30 and Wolf Road for practice and games during the 2012 season.

But is the empty lot ready for youth football?

Burros PR representative Lisa Gunggoll on Monday called the field "'game ready' with minimal land preparation needed." She said the group has already hired a landscape contractor to turn the empty lot into a child-ready field.

"Right now, (preparation) would consist of only spot top dressing and over seeding where necessary followed by mechanical roller compaction leveling of the turf area," she said.

Right now, the field is just that—a field. An empty lot south of a PetSmart.

Gunggoll said the Burros believe the community will help provide the seating and other improvements that could make the empty lot into a place to watch games.

"Based on the overwhelming support of the local retailers and the pledged donations of supporters, it is believed that these improvements would be done at little to no cost to the organization," she said.

She said the Burros' Planning Committee will discuss any improvements like lights and concessions at the next board meeting in two to three weeks.

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Metro March 06, 2012 at 03:48 PM
I'm glad the Burros were able to find a new field and continue the program. It's kind of a shame that the park district can not work with an organization that has been around for 49 years. You are always going to have problems with any sports organization because too many parents want control and unfortunately volunteer organizations will always have a down side. But please people remember that this is supposed to be a pleasant experience for KIDS. Adults need to check their personal interests, agendas and egos at the door, and work solely for that purpose.
reasonable March 07, 2012 at 05:26 PM
Burros will figure this out because they have support and 49 years experience! It is a shame that these kids can't play on the park district field that the parents are paying taxes for! SHAME ON THE PARK DISTRICT FOR NOT HELPING MORE TO KEEP THESE KIDS BEST INTEREST ON THEIR FIELDS! (I sure hope there is some talk going on between the PD and Burros and just because they have a location it is not totally settled before the seasons start! Those kids & Burros deserve to play on the PD fields!!!)
Vince raimondi March 31, 2012 at 10:32 PM
The burros parents have no one to blame but themselves when you elect idiots to run your organization ,they will make dumb decisions! Keep electing people because there a friend of a friend ,if you continue to drink the cool aid they serve you , you will keep believing this is all someone else's fault but the Burros board !


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