Mount Greenwood's Jordan Lynch Living the Dream as a Chicago Bear

NIU's star quarterback goes to camp on Friday and will try out at running back. What's being said about Lynch?

Jordan Lynch, the Mount Greenwood kid from St. Christina Elementary School who signed with the Chicago Bears as an undrafted free agent, is living the dream of just about every Chicago-area kid right now.

The Green Bay Packers briefly flirted with signing Lynch.

The Bears plan to try the Mount Carmel grad, Northern Illinois University quarterback and Heisman Trophy finalist as a running back at the three-day camp that begins Friday.

What is everyone saying about Lynch?

Southtown columnist Phil Kadner:

As an undrafted free agent, Lynch has an almost Rudy-like challenge in front of him.

Unlike the bench warmer of Notre Dame lore, Lynch has a ton of talent. He was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy, the award that goes to the top player in college football. ...

Mark Trestman, the Bears coach who’s considered something of an offensive genius, personally recruited Lynch after the NFL draft ended.

According to the experts, Lynch doesn’t have a strong enough arm to be a pro quarterback. Unlike many college stars who have refused to change positions, Lynch has said he will do anything to stay in the NFL.

That likely means playing on special teams, giving up his body on kickoff and punt returns. He doesn’t care.

And that’s another reason fans ought to fall in love with Jordan Lynch.

Daily Herald columnist Barry Rozner:

Jordan Lynch is an NIU kid -- and anyone who spent their formative years there knows precisely what that means.

Lynch was told he was too small to play quarterback, told he couldn't survive at the FBS level and couldn't win at NIU.

Lynch was told the Heisman ceremony was nothing but a pipe dream and he would never play in a BCS bowl game, certainly not while playing in the Mid-American Conference.

Jordan Lynch was told a lot of things, and every time Jordan Lynch said those people were entitled to their opinions, and all he did was work harder, all he did was develop the body of a linebacker designed to withstand the pounding of men 100 pounds heavier and a half-foot taller.

Erik Lambert at Fansided on SI.com:

If Tim Tebow loved the game of football as much as he proclaims, he would do whatever it takes to play on Sundays even if it meant trying out as a long snapper. Instead he steadfastly announced it was quarterback or nothing.  

On the other hand, Lynch didn’t let his success at Northern Illinois cloud him from the truth. It doesn’t matter what he wants to do. It matters what the coaches want him to do. Only one out of several teams saw him as a quarterback in the NFL, which isn’t a rousing show of support. The Bears wanted him because they envisioned his value as an offensive weapon, even if that meant not playing quarterback.

Chicago Sun-Times:

Jordan Lynch could have waited another five days until he arrived at the Bears’ rookie minicamp. He would have been covered in team-logo gear, T-shirts and shorts and Dri-Fit sweatshirts, evidence of his promotion to the pro ranks.

But the Heisman Trophy finalist from Northern Illinois couldn’t wait. On Sunday morning, he drove to the mall, walked into Lids and purchased a fitted navy Bears cap with a script ‘‘B’’ on the front and an NFL logo on the back.

‘‘I had to get my hands on it,’’ he said Sunday.

Chicago Tribune:

One of the bigger questions, though, about Lynch's ability to convert to running back is whether he can pass block. That's a skill coach Marc Trestman prioritizes in his backup running backs.

"I really haven't blocked before in my life, but I catch to things pretty quick," he said. "I think I can do a good job at it."

Dr G May 14, 2014 at 11:04 PM
Good luck buddy go Bears!!


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