Fall Fest Hits Single-Day Attendance Record; 'Fright Fest' Named '13 Theme

Officials estimate about 150,000 visitors came to Frankfort Fall Festival on Monday. Overall attendance, however, was down from last year. Did the rain keep you from going to the event? Share your thoughts about the weekend here.

Although overall attendance was down this year thanks to the rain, the last day of Frankfort Fall Festival set a single-day record, with the sunny and warm weather attracting visitors Labor Day.


Event officials estimate about 150,000 people attended the festival Monday, Sept. 3, said Corielle Heath, the Fall Fest public relations chairwoman, in an email. This is the second consecutive year the festival has reached a single-day record after a bout of bad weather. Last year, after a severe—but brief—rainstorm shut down the event for a bit. 

Early attendance estimates for the three-day weekend are around 275,000 visitors, she stated, adding that last year's turn out was around 300,000.


As is the tradition for the event, next year's Fall Festival theme was chosen. It will be "Fright Fest," and it was selected by Colleen Mora, who will be the chairwoman next year, Heath said. Keith Ogle, this year's Frankfort Chamber of Commerce president, will serve as co-chairman. The chamber is the main organizer for Frankfort Fall Festival.

YOUR TURN: What did you think of this year's Frankfort Fall Festival? Did the rain ruin it for you? Or were there enough good weather windows of opportunity for you to enjoy some shopping? Share your thoughts in the comments section and add your photos of what you did—and what you bought—at the event in the media gallery.

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Breynolds September 04, 2012 at 10:15 PM
Disappointed to see several booths full of items made in China. This year there were to many repeat types of vendors. Hope the selection committee does a better job next year. In years past I have been amazed at the variety and the skill and beauty of the hand crafted items. This year was disappointed
Kerri September 05, 2012 at 12:10 AM
I agree about the repeat vendors. I haven't been to the fest in at least 4 years because it seemed to be the same old stuff every year. My daughter convinced me to go this year partly because it was early on Monday morning, and partly because of some of the vendors spotlighted here on The Patch. I bought one item from a vendor who was selling the exact same products I saw in at least 2 other booths, but at a lower price. I did also shop at a couple of downtown stores I had not visited before, but by 1:00 there was absolutely no room to move down the streets so we gave up and went home. I also got hit more than once by strollers and wagons, and the number of dogs I saw walking through the crowds was unreal. There really should be a no-strollers-wagons-or-pets rule, especially on the side streets. It will be years before I go again.
lala September 05, 2012 at 12:24 AM
All the reasons I no longer go. The strollers and dogs are the worst.
KMK September 05, 2012 at 06:48 AM
went Saturday late afternoon, after the rain. perfect time. no crowds and got a great parking spot within walking distance.
Lisa Lee September 05, 2012 at 11:58 AM
Awful! No parking, same stuff different year, prices keep going up for the same things you see year after year. Not fun anymore. Just an unorganized mad house. Paying for parking in people's front yard is simply ridiculous they shouldn't be allowed to do that as its so busy over on Nebraska street as kids are walking everywhere and the residents are cramimg cars in their front lawn along with their couches. They shouldn't be allowed to do that. It's not safe. Just to much of a hassle. Not worth your time or aggravation going. Then try taking your kids to the carnival and spent $60 for them to ride 3-4 rides each. Robbery rip off. Will never go back there.


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