Village Drops Outdoor Watering Ban, Restrictions Still in Effect

Following a two-day ban on outdoor watering, the Village of Mokena will lift the ban July 10. However, outdoor watering restrictions are still in effect during evening hours.

Following a in Mokena and several other Southland villages and municipalities, residents can begin outdoor watering July 10.

Village administrators stress that although the total ban is ifted, there are still restrictions on outdoor watering. Mokena now enters the Orange Zone, limiting residents to four-hour watering spurts in the morning hours, and deeming nighttime watering off-limits. Residents should water lawns between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 a.m., on odd or even days according to the last digit in their address. 

“Your consistent efforts to conserve water whenever and wherever possible will continue to be essential in helping us avoid more serious restrictions throughout the remainder of the summer months,” said part of the Village's email to residents.

More information about watering restrictions in Mokena can be found at the Village's website


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