Mayors Charity Foundation Gives $22,300 to Local Groups: Watch Video Presentations

Watch village video of 13 Mokena groups accepting a total $22,300 in donations from the Mokena Mayors Charity Foundation.

During Monday night's board meeting at , the Mokena Mayors Charity Foundation gave out $22,300 to 13 local charities.

Since it was formed in 1991, the group has given out $228,375 to local groups. It's not the Mayor's Charity Foundation. It's the Mayors Charity Foundation, with the plural meaning it was the foundation of past mayors Ron Grotovsky and Robert Chiszar along with that of current Mayor Joe Werner.

Below are the groups which received funds Monday night, with links and time marks that will let you see the village's video of the groups accepting their money.

Links on the groups' names are to past articles or Patch Places directory listings of the groups.

The awards were:

$400 to (Video at section 6b, 00:19:10 mark)

$500 to Mokena Women's Club (Video at section 6b, 00:23:25 mark)

$800 to (Video at section 6b, 00:24:25 mark)

$800 to (Video at section 6b, 00:24:40 mark)

$800 to (Video at section 6b, 00:27:20 mark)

$2,400 to Girl Scout Service Unit 41 (Video at section 6b, 00:27:40 mark)

$1,200 to (Video at section 6b, 00:30:20 mark)

$2,000 to (Video at section 6b, 00:36:35 mark)

$2,000 to Mokena Senior Citizens (Video at section 6b, 00:37:35 mark)

$4,000 to (Video at section 6b, 00:40:15 mark)

$5,000 to Wounded Warrior Project (Video at section 6b, 00:43:10 mark)

$2,000 to Grotovsky/Chase Scholarship Fund

$400 to Student Government Day bonds


patrick markham December 13, 2011 at 06:38 PM
Evening news is where they begin with 'Good evening', and then proceed to tell you why it isn't. Tis the season for GOOD NEWS, THANKS PATCH! Lou Filosa and Mayor Werner, WOW, Lou matched DOLLAR for DOLLAR the Mayors Fund contribution to the LWSRA! ($1200 each!!!) I am a member of the Board and ask and hope those of you that are NOT familiar with this great cause, please look into it and help support! Special Needs Rec, , we even get to send kids to the "Special Olympics.


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