Get a Load of These Losers ... in Lincoln-Way!

A couple of the Biggest Losers are going to be in Mokena.

Credit: Getty
Credit: Getty
Need something to do this weekend in Lincoln-Way? Well there's something going on Saturday with two people from the Biggest Loser. There's probably other stuff too. Let's take a look.


Harvest Moon playing at New Lenox VFW
The band Harvest Moon is playing at the VFW>


Meet Jeff Nichols and Francelina Morillo From The Biggest Loser
Jeff Nichols and Francelina Morillo, former contestants on NBC's Biggest Loser, will be sharing their story of life on the ranch, finding love, fitness, their weightloss journey, and their current adventures in fitness and staying in shape.


Super Bowl Party!
Super Bowl Party! At Smokey Barque! In Frankfort!

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